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WhatsApp notification is designed with settings, which comprises of sounds. The sound keeps users intimated for incoming individual and group chats.

WhatsApp notifications enables you to know when you’ve gotten a message on WhatsApp. This notification pops up on the screen. Once it pops up, you can scroll to and tap, to check the message for which the notification was sent.

WhatsApp notifications, can be organized by order of importance, to help you stay notified on what’s important, as well as block the ones you don’t want to see.

To organize, and sort your WhatsApp notifications, in the order you want, WhatsApp, offers users, 10 notification categories, which they can individually control. They are;

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WhatsApp Notification Channel Categories

  • Group Notifications
  • Message Notifications
  • Chat History Backup
  • Critical App Alerts
  • Failure Notifications
  • Media Playback
  • Uncategorized
  • Other Notifications
  • Sending Media
  • Silent Notifications

With these channel categories, a user can customize his/her WhatsApp, to a specification that best suits them.

How WhatsApp Notification Works

Once an individual or a group, sends you a message, a notification, appears on your screen.

To check out the message sent to you, you are to scroll to the sent message and click on it. Clicking on it opens up the WhatsApp platform and the message as well.

Once the message opens, you can read thru the message, and decide if you want to reply to the message or not.

How To Configure WhatsApp Notification

WhatsApp users, can customize their WhatsApp notification to their specification. Here’s how;

  • Scroll to, and open the WhatsApp app
  • Next, click “More” …> settings > notifications
  • Thereafter, you will be presented with options to either turn on and off for groups and individual chats and other options concerning message notifications.
  • Choose the option, that best applies to you and set the notification you desire.

How to Turn On WhatsApp Notification

To turn WhatsApp notifications;

  • Scroll to, and open WhatsApp
  • Click on “More > Settings > notifications
  • Click on “Turn notifications on for groups and individual chats

How to Mute WhatsApp Notification

If you are getting distracted by incessant WhatsApp message notifications. You can decide to mute the notifications, to help you better concentrate on what’s much more important. To do this;

  • Scroll to, and tap on the “Menu button”, and hit “Mute”
  • Next, choose the time-frame, for which you’d like the notifications, to be muted.
  • Once the above-mentioned steps have been taken, you’ve successfully muted the WhatsApp notification.

With WhatsApp notification, users can rest assured they won’t miss out on anything that’s important to them, as the notification setting, keeps you abreast of any vital information you may wish to get. Be it official information, or for leisure, WhatsApp notification helps you stay updated across all.

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