What Do Wedding Bands Signify – All you Need To Know

In the modern world, wedding bands and wedding rings now totally mean the same thing because they fulfill the same purposes. In those days, there was a clear difference.

wedding band

Women are known to receive ring or colored stones/gems to signify marriage intent, and the men wore wedding bands. While rings were decorated with gems and precious stones, wedding bands just consisted of a plain circle of a clear metal that doesn’t have any stones or ornaments for beautification.

In recent times, women have come to start putting on plain rings (wedding bands). These wedding bands have grown to look better over the years, as techniques have been taken to make sure that they don’t just look like ordinary metals around the finger.

A wedding band is less intricate than an engagement ring. They are mostly worn by those people who already have engagement rings with heavy studs of diamond already on them.

In today’s world, both the band and the engagement ring are available to be bought in a set. It gives the customers enough time to spare, as they do not have to hop from one shop to another in search of wedding band that will match the already existing engagement ring.

Brief History

It has been believed that the first set of wedding bands were first sighted in ancient Egypt.  They used these rings to show signs of great love to their husbands or wives. They were also the ones that proposed that the wedding bands should be worn where it is traditionally worn presently because that finger is known to be specially connected to the heart through the veins.

What Do Wedding Bands Signify

The wedding band has been existing for many years and still is valuable to us. Notwithstanding the heavy designs that have been added to wedding bands in this contemporary age, they still hold strong their symbolism in the modern world.

It is a sign of love and it shows how devoted and willing spouses are willing to be to each other for the rest of their lives.

CIRLCE: This is the shape known not have a beginning and an end. And is, therefore, a symbol that clearly shows infinity. These bands are worn on the middle finger of the left hand because it is believed to have a direct connection to the heart through the vein.

Wedding bands are symbolic and largely significant to couples and serve as a constant reminder of their love for each other.  Because of their beauty also, they could be worn just for its aesthetic values.

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