Web.whatsapp.com: How to Use WhatsApp web on your PC – Guide

Web.whatsapp.com – run Your WhatsApp on your browser full time.

WhatsApp is a social media that can be used to interact with different people ( both family and friends). Through WhatsApp you could make calls( both video and voice calls), you could chat, view status, send pictures, videos, etc.

Whatsapp Web tends to create a medium through which a person could chat through their personal computer. It’s more like getting WhatsApp messages on your personal computer and being able to reply to them.

Requirements Needed for a WhatsApp Web

 In order to get the WhatsApp Web to function well and allow the transfer of info through your Personal Computer (PC), some requirements will be needed. They are:

  • A device ( either an Android or an iOS) with a good camera.
  • A modern personal computer.
  • Good internet connectivity and browser.
  • Most recent WhatsApp

How WhatsApp WebWorks   

Having WhatsApp Web doesn’t mean all the features of WhatsApp function effectively on your Personal Computer. The connected WhatsApp mobile app is what would be used on your PC.

The personal computer just gives you a bigger and clearer view of what your mobile smartphone gives you. It tends to be secured.

How to set up WhatsApp Web

You’re confused about how best you could set up your WhatsApp Web on your personal computer in an easy and stress-free manner?

Theses tips should come in handy and server as a solution to your worries.

  •  Search for Google Chrome or any other web browser on your Personal Computer. Visit Whatsapp Web Page
  •  A QR code will appear.
  •  Scan the code to get connected to WhatsApp Web.
  • Click on the menu button on your WhatsApp device app.
  • QR code reader starts reading on the WhatsApp Web.
  • Scan the QR code on your personal computer through your mobile device’s camera.
  • Your device and your personal computer should be connected once the scan is complete.
  • Whatsapp Web and WhatsApp on your mobile phone have been linked.

 Once all that’s done, know you’ve done a great job and now have the WhatsApp Web on your personal computer connected to your phone too. With great internet connectivity your good to go.

Uses of WhatsApp Web

The uses or can do’s of WhatsApp Web on your personal computer are:

  • The convenience of typing with your keyboard.
  • Complete access to get a clearer view of pictures and videos (you’ll have to download them one by one ) from your personal computer.
  • Communicate with friends and family through messaging on the app.
  • View different posts( pictures and videos) and write-ups.
  • Get a clearer view of your display picture. Make Changes or edit if you want to.
  • Clear chat history.

Things you can’t do with your WhatsApp Web

Here are some no can’t do the WhatsApp Web has got. They are:

  • The WhatsApp Web can’t download videos in bulk.
  • It wouldn’t be able to make video calls and voice calls nor can you receive them.
  • With Whatsapp Web, you can’t post on your Status.
  • You wouldn’t be able to minimize and use two browsers.
  • Settings will be limited while using WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp Web is secure concerning the fact that WhatsApp has got end-to-end encryption. To be on the safer side, when using a different computer make sure your WhatsApp Web is opened through an incognito window.

Another plus on WhatsApp Web is it people’s messages you might have read doesn’t have a blue tick shown after reading. So it’s quite difficult for senders on the other side to know if their messages have been read or not.

You could literally take your time to reply to chats without feeling bad. Have fun with the new knowledge on WhatsApp Web you’ve acquired. Great Job.

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