Ways To Keep Your Spotify Account Private And Secure: Smart Ways

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Ways To Keep Your Spotify Account Private And Secure – Despite a data-sharing arrangement made with Facebook, Spotify itself is not a social media platform. While the streaming service was built-in sharing capabilities, it does not contain key social media features such as in-app messaging and interactive activity feeds. The streaming service has introduced a variation of safety features, like private listening, but it still not perfect to restrict people from following you on the platform.

Ways To Keep Your Spotify Account Private And Secure

Here’s is how to protect your account:

1. Change your display name

If don’t want people to associate with your Spotify account, you can opt to change your display name into a generic one. To do this open the Spotify App and tap on settings>view profile> edit profile. You can then tap your display name to change it.

2. Clear your listening history

Open the Spotify app and tap settings>social> and toggle of the recently played artist option.

3. Listen Anonymously

If you are  going through a difficult time and you rather not let the rest of the world know what song you listen to while crying, open the Spotify app and tap on settings>social>and toggle the private button

4. Make your playlist private

For the currently public playlist that you want to hide, go to your playlist and tap on the three-dot button, select make secret, you will get a prompt playlist is now secret pop-up confirmation.

5. Avoid linking Spotify to Facebook

Aside from your username, the streaming service has a find friend feature that lets you find people you know on Facebook. If you prefer to keep Facebook friends away from your music preference unlink your account by going to settings>social and disconnect from Facebook.

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