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Walmart2walmart Tracking – The world’s best largest retail company recently announced that it would be introducing a new feature called walmart2walmart transfer service. This was established as a result of Walmart’s partnership with Ria money transfer service.

Ria is a company that offers special financial services and money transfer operations to both unbanked and underbanked Americans. You might begin to wonder who an unbanked and underbanked American is – unbanked Americans are citizens of U.S. who do not have a bank account, to file an underbanked Americans are those Americans who have an account but do not have full access to all of bank services. Hope it’s clear???.

Walmart2walmart Tracking | Walmart 2 Walmart Cost- Ria Money Transfer Online

Walmart allows easy movement of money from one place to another within a maximum range of one week time. With walmart2walmart money transfer, you can send money to people around the world right from any Walmart agent location.

However, it is also possible to track a transfer made using the Walmart2walmart money transfer service and this comes to the question of the day;

What Is Walmart2walmart Tracking?

Walmart2walmart tracking simply means tracking the status of a transaction made using a Walmart2walmart tracking reference number.

Walmart2walmart tracking service is the easiest and convenient way to get track of your transactions, you can rest assured that Walmart offers the lowest tracking service fee.

How Much Does Walmart2walmart Transfer Cost?

Walmart2walmart transfer service offers every Walmart users an everyday low priced money transfer fees which includes; transferring money from ;

  • $0 — $50 costs $4
  • $51 — $1000 cost   s $8
  • $1001 — $2500 costs $16 and so on.

You can use walmart2walmart to make a transfer between Walmart locations in U.S. and Puerto Rico. To make a transfer with walmart2walmart service, you need to be 18 years and above and also have a valid ID. You can also track your walmart2walmart transfer by online or by calling Ria customer service or even via Ria track a transfer site.

Track Your Walmart2walmart Transfer Online

  • Visit Walmart tracking transfer page.
  • Enter the authorization number given to your transaction.
  • Wait, a confirmation number will be sent to your inbox.
  • You will be given a reference number once the process is completed.

A Walmart2walmart tracking number has 9-digits, if it’s a MoneyGram transfer it has 8digits, and if also it’s a Western Union transfer, it has 10-digits tracking number.

With the reference number, the recipient of the cash transferred can easily track down the cash in any Walmart money transfer center. Both a sender and recipient of a transfer can track the transfer.

However, Walmart’s recent partnership with Ria company has affected the share price of Walmart’s partnership with MoneyGram.

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