Walmart Money Transfer | Walmart App – Cost – Track Transfer – Send & Receive Money

Walmart Money Transfer – Walmart is an American based retail giant founded in 1962, it has grown to become the best worldwide business with about 10,000 stores and e-commerce websites. Although Walmart is best known for its store services, Walmart also offers a wide range of financial services to its customers worldwide.

There are certain number of individuals within and across the U.S. that either does not have a bank account or they have poor access to financial services offered by banks. For this reason, Walmart introduced the money transfer service and other financial services.

Walmart Money Transfer | Walmart App - Cost - Track Transfer  - Send & Receive Money

Money transfer was made known to these people because it serves as an important aspect of their daily household routine and bookkeeping.

Walmart offers a reliable and convenient money transfer service like the walmart2walmart, walmart2walmart, and the MoneyGram service., to use any of these services, visit a Walmart in-store.

Like its been stated in the above paragraph, Walmart money transfer service is convenient to use, you can send money both within and outside your destination from the convenience of your home and office.

A Walmart money transfer can easily be done in three ways;

  • Using a mobile Walmart app.
  • Visiting a Walmart in-store.
  • Lastly, using a Walmart online desktop via MoneyGram and Ria financial.

Start A Walmart Money Transfer Transaction Via A Walmart App

Starting a transaction using the Walmart mobile app does not require any MoneyGram account. Here are few guidelines on how to startup a transfer using a Walmart app;

  • First, you need to download and install a Walmart mobile app to your device.
  • Create or login to your Walmart account.
  • Select the money service.
  • Choose either to send, receive money, or pay a bill.
  • Enter your details.
  • Visit a Walmart store to finalize your transaction.

Note; if you’re a first time Walmart user, you will be asked to provide a valid government-issued photo ID such as – U.S permanent resident card, international passport, military ID, U.S driver license, state ID, or even a tribal ID. You can also pay with either a U.S currency or a pin-based debit card.

How Much Does A Walmart Money Transfer Service Cost?

With the Walmart money transfer, you can easily send money to business partners and friends all over the world. Walmart offers less costly money transfer services.

To transfer money from a Walmart account to another Walmart account in the U.S costs less, the fees varies differently base on the amount you want to send, your payment method, and where you are sending yours from.

Walmart is indeed a better and secured way to transfer money worldwide, thanks to its a partnership with MoneyGram. Now with Walmart, you can save plenty of money and live a better life.

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