Tinder Is Giving Away COVID-19 Tests Free – So You can Continue Dating

Going on dates/ meeting new people this period isn’t so fun anymore Considering the fact that a lot of people have got their fingers crossed especially this pandemic period. People tend to prefer online meetings to physical one on one meetings.

Like they say “Seeing is believing” so not seeing a guy or a lady you feel you vibe with and thinking of letting love make you move faster than your shadow is risky.

Tinder Is Giving Away COVID-19 Tests

Tinder is a mobile dating app that allows singles to get matched with ” your perfect matches “. It’s a popular dating app that is about to make bring up a solution to the problems of users   

COVID-19 Tests for You and Your Match

The Tinder dating app is really interested in making things work out for the matched couples by giving out free mail-in Covid19 tests for 500 matched couples which gives us a total of 1000 users altogether.

The Covid-19 test will commence on the 20th of March 2021 ( this Saturday). Users in the US just need a code for a test to run while shipment will happen on Monday.

“The pandemic has created no shortage of dating obstacles, but we think our members are pretty optimistic about getting back out there,” said Nicole Parlapiano, Tinder VP of Marketing for North America.

Which is so true. A lot of people literarily crave getting such an opportunity with the genuine assurance that your partner or soon-to-be partner is just as safe as you are.

What you’ll need to do is clean your nose with a kit that’s been provided for that purpose, then send a sample to the company’s lab. You’ll get your result a few days later.

Parlapiano made it obvious that the work-related issues going on between the EverlyWell and Tinder had been quite fun making the app(Tinder) bounce back bubbling with emotions in the air. This news popped up once the latest one soon to arrive ability to run a background check on Tinder matches.

Your safety is really important regardless of emotional you may be. It’s just a 1000 testing kit but it’s a bold step been taking in setting a good example of safety precautions.

Even though this doesn’t get rude of the virus, it does help in its own way. Be careful even after taking the tests and waiting for a result. It’s still 100% possible to run your test and get contacted even while waiting for your previous result to be out.

Make sure you don’t miss such an opportunity but if you do along the line, the US Departmentpartment of Health and Human Service gave out information on how you like to get one at a community-based testing site. I hope this was a helpful update.

Do well to check back for more and don’t forget to always stay safe, maintain social distance, were your face shield/masks, keep your surroundings clean, always sanitize and most of all don’t forget God is in control ( you need him to pass through this phrase safely).

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