How to Reduce the Size of a JPEG: 5 Quick and Simple Ways

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How to reduce the size of a JPEG image sometime can be very overwhelming, especially when the platform you want to use it is insisting it must be on a specific image size. well you know we have always got your back, Here how to reduce the size of a JPEG. Follow any one of 5 the steps below.

How to Reduce the Size of a JPEG

1). You can use Microsoft paint: Microsoft Paint offers basic graphic editing tools and the ability to open/save images in standard formats.

   Steps to reduce the size of your JPEG

  • Select the picture you want to resize.
  • Right-click it and select Edit which will open your picture in paint.
  • Click resize under the Home Tab.
  • Pick the maintain aspect ratio checkbox. It allows the resized image to have the same aspect ratio as the original picture.
  • Once the maintain aspect ratio checkbox is selected, all that’s left will be the Horizontal value (width) or vertical value (height). The other box will be resized automatically.
  • Reduce your picture by Percentage or Pixelixel if you want.
  • Put in a percentage of the pixel value to reduce the width in the Horizontal box or put in the percentage or Pixel value to reduce the height in the Vertical box
  • Click OK after that.
  • Click on file, then save as. Choose a file format for your image.
  • Put in your file name then save.

2. How to Reduce Image Size Using Preview

All Mac with OS X has a version of preview installed on it. Preview on the other hand is an image and PDF viewer. It lets you view and print images and PDFs files, it can also edit images format.

   Follow the steps below to resize your image using Preview.

  •  Open the image in preview by launching preview in the application folder.
  •  Select Adjust File which is at the tool option.
  • Pick if you want your adjustments done by Percentage or Size.
  • Adjust the width, height and resolution. Once your done, you’ll know how big your new file is through your Resulting Size section.
  • Once you click OK you’ll see how resized you image is.
  • Click on your file, save As to create a new copy of your JPEG.
  • Save your file name once you put it in.

3. How to Reduce Image Size Using the Image Size App

This app allows you to resize whatever size you want. You could tell the output format using pixels, millimeters, centimeters or inches. It also let’s your image if needed.

   It allows you save, email, print or share the file image.

 Steps to follow to get started on resizing photos on your IOS device.

  • Download and install the Image Size app on your device.
  • Open an image using the Gallery icon.
  • Click Choose to confirm your image choice.
  • Put in your desired output size into the Width and Height boxes.
  • If you want to maintain your aspect ratio, click the Chain found between Width and Height. You can also change your units of measurement to match your requirements.
  • Once you have the correct image size, choose if you wish to Save, Print, Send or Share your image.

4.  How to Reduce Image Size Using Shutterstoc’s Online Image Resizer

Shutterstock’s free image resizer is a website that helps you resize you Images.

Follow the steps below to resize your images in seconds.

~ Open the Shutterstock Image Resizer.

~ Upload your image, or drag and drop it into the Step One box.

~ Select the image size you prefer. You can either use the preset sizes or provide custom dimensions. Depending on your choice.

~ Select Download to save your file to your computer and your done.

Image Resizing Made Easy

Apparently, you’ve got several quick and easy ways to resize your images for emailing or uploading, regardless of your platform or device.

Each one of these methods has its advantages, depending on your workflow and the platforms you use. Pick the one that works for you, and start sharing those images! Enjoy doing it.

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