How to Schedule an Email in Outlook: Quick and Simple Ways

Having a particular email scheduled for a specific time is actually helpful. Here’s a guide on how you can send an email at a specific time in Outlook.

In most case scenarios, a person might have a lot of people to contact and not enough time to do so. At such a point in a person’s life, automated technology should be appreciated. You as a person can write an email and have it sent out a week later.

How to Schedule an Email in Outlook

Ways you Could Schedule an Email in Outlook

Here are various ways through which you could schedule an Email in Outlook.

1. Create a New Email on Outlook:

  •  Launch Outlook.
  • Tap on the New Email button.
  • Write out your message.
  • You can either schedule your Email once your done or before. Any on of your choice.

That’s all on that. Next up

2. Schedule and Manage Your Email

  • Head to the Option tab.
  • Tap the Delay Delivery button.
  • A window with lots of fun option will be open.
  • Go to the Delivery Options section.
  • Tick the box next to the “Do not deliver before command”.
  • Then all that’s left for you to do is to set the date and time.
  • Tap the Close option once you’re done and Outlook will save your settings.

Other Delivery and Management Tool

Other options on the Delivery window could actually make your automated email more efficient.

An expiration date could be chosen just in case the system doesn’t need to send the email anymore after a projects deadline passes.

Other management settings include asking for delivery and being able to read your receipts. Your email could be selected as sensitive and encrypted to keep the message secure. It’s ability to schedule emails is one of its many hidden and handy features to discover. They can help you make the most of Microsoft’s software and boost productivity.

3. Send Your Email

After all the above steps have been followed accordingly,

  • Select the “Send and Outlook” button so the Outlook can schedule the Email.
  •  It heads to your account’s Outbox folder which is by your sidebar.             

If you need to make a correction or changes, head to your email once again and adjust what you want. Great job so far.

Best Practices to Schedule an Email in Outlook

Factors that can affect how the system works are available. They include:

  • Sending an automated email on Outlook without an internet connection isn’t possible.
  •    An old version of Outlook brings up difficulty when connecting with an internet or syncing data which makes your job harder and complicated. An up to date software is just the best.
  • Technical issues that occurs regularly about emails getting stuck is really unfair too. If that happens, manually select Receive or Send.
  • Be mindful when scheduling. Your computer’s date and time should be correct. Don’t forget time in different regions differs, holidays etc. Especially if it’s a mail to be sent next month or further than that.

Fine-Tune Your Emailing System

When working is better to have a nice and comfortable workflow. Technology has made life easier for us and gave us opportunities to be smart and get smart every day.

Scheduling your Email in Outlook wasn’t as difficult as it sounded, was it? Save yourself the stress, trouble, and regrets, and plan out your projects (especially does with deadlines) on time. Enjoy this process.

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