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Spotify gift card – Are you studying, partying, or working out, do you need good music for any of these wonderful moments? Then worry no more gives you the right music for every of these wonderful moments.

With Spotify, you can create your own radio stations, you can also browse and listen to millions of music tracks from various artists with just a click on your mobile phones, or your computer device.

Spotify is one of the most popular online music streaming services that offers its users a free and premium account. You can sign up for a Spotify free account to view what the service is like.

spotify gift card

Sign up for Spotify account

To get started to follow the steps below;

  • Move on to
  • Click the sign up button at the top right corner of the page.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Confirm your email be ‘re-entering your email in the box provided.
  • Select a password.
  • Personalize your account with a profile name.
  • Enter your personal details – date of birth and gender.
  • Click on Sign up.

Note: it is impossible to have more than one account per email address.

Creating an account with Spotify gives you free access to Spotify free ad-supported service, for more essential features, you can sign up for a Spotify premium account.

Does Spotify have gift cards? | Spotify Gift Card

A lot of Spotify users keeps asking if Spotify has gift cards. Well after a thorough research, I found out that Spotify has various Spotify gift cards.

Spotify gift cards are provided by Spotify USA Inc. The cards are valid 12months from the date of purchase and can be redeemed only on Spotify registered account in the same country where they are purchased.

Remember Spotify gift card cannot be redeemed with discounts or promotions because it is redeemable for only full price standalone premium subscription purchased directly from

How To Buy Spotify Gift Card

Spotify gift card is available for purchase at retail outlets like Target, Staples, CVS, Wal-Mart, Kroger, Simon malls, etc. You can also buy a Spotify gift card online. To buy, follow the steps below;

  • Log in to Spotify online gift card page.
  • You can log in with your Facebook account or your Spotify username and password if you have a Spotify account. But if you do not have a Spotify account follow the steps above to sign up a Spotify account.
  • Select the value of the Spotify gift card.
  • Customize Gift card with the various themes available on Spotify.
  • Enter your order details.
  • Click continue.
  • Enter your payment details.
  • Click on buy Spotify premium gift cards.

After purchasing a Spotify gift card, an email which contains a receipt with the gift card code is sent to the gift card recipient. The recipient can take a step of redeeming the gift card.

How To Redeem Spotify Gift Card

With the receipt code sent to the recipient’s email, the recipient can redeem the gift card. Simply:

  • Log in to
  • Enter the code from the receipt sent to you.
  • Click the redeem button.

Sometimes when you try redeeming a gift card, you encounter some difficulties. A research was carried out to find out why it happens so and it was discovered that;

  • Recipients sometimes enter a wrong code and it’s advisable to cross-check the code sent to your email correctly.
  • Log in to your Spotify account page and check if you’ve made use of the code in other accounts.
  • Make sure that the country you entered when registering your Spotify account is the same as where you purchased the gift card.

Also, note that if your purchase your Spotify gift card from a store. It might not have been activated when you purchased them, so you have to return to the store where you purchased it and request for activation of the gift card.

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