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Skype For Business Office 365 – You can now connect better with your team anywhere using clients across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android™ on Skype for business office 365. With this feature also, you can bring remote participants into meeting spaces of all sizes with Skype for Business.

Skype For Business Office 365

Skype For Business Office 365 Features

Skype for business office 365 has the following basic features;

  • Video calling.
  • Audio calling.
  • Instant messaging.

The following advanced features are related to integration with other Microsoft software;

  • Contacts are available based on Microsoft Outlook contacts stored in a Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Retrieve contact lists from a local directory service like Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Enables sharing of files.
  • There’s support for TLS and SRTP to encrypt and secure signaling and media traffic.
  • It makes use of SIP as the foundation for its client communication protocol.
  • There is a number of client types available for Microsoft Lync, including mobile clients.
  • Now, Microsoft Office can show if other people are working on the same document.
  • All communications between the clients take place via Skype for Business Server, which makes communication more secure. This is because, messages do not need to leave the corporate intranet, unlike with the internet-based Windows Live Messenger. The server can be set up to relay messages to other instant messaging networks, boycotting the installation of extra software at the client’s end.

Skype For Business Office 365 Cost

You may be wondering just how much this great innovation from Microsoft costs. Let’s see;

Skype for business is offered for a fee by Microsoft. It comes in two basic plans available for smaller companies, there are;

  • Online Plan 1 – This goes for $2 per user per month (with a yearly contract) and covers only the basics.
  • Online Plan 2 – This goes for a $5.50/month service. This plan adds high-definition video to group conferences, access to join meetings from a web browser (including anonymous connections), desktop sharing and remote control, Outlook Schedule integration, as well as the ability to record meetings etc.

How to Get Skype for Business Office 365

  • Log into your Office 365 account at
  • On the website tap on the Settings icon in the right corner of your screen.
  • Carefully click on the Office 365 link under My app settings.
  • Choose Software.
  • Tap the Skype for Business link on the left-side column.
  • Choose your preferred language.
  • Select the version that matches your Office programs.
  • Tap Install to download Skype for Business.
  • Select Run to begin the download
  • And tap Yes to confirm.

    In case Skype for Business is bundled with your Office 365 programs
  • Choose your preferred language
  • Select the version that matches your Office programs
  • Tap Install to download Skype for Business.
  • Select Run to begin the download.
  • Then tap Yes to confirm.

Skype for business office 365, cost-effective and collaborative tools suitable for businesses of any size.

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