Skype For Business App | Download And Set-UP

Skype for Business App is now available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android™ to help you connect better with your team anywhere using clients. With Skype for Business App, you can use your device to interact with colleagues and contacts in different ways.

Skype For Business App Benefits

  • Skype for Business app shows you any calls you may have missed so you don’t miss any call and also gives you direct access to your voicemail.
  • In case your IP phone is offline due to power cuts, you can simply use the Skype for Business app to dial another UCT staff member’s extension.
  • Your calls won’t cost a cent if you are on eduroam.
  • If you need to phone a colleague while traveling back here at UCT, those calls will be free as long as you are using your Skype for Business App as well as phoning from a local or international university that uses eduroam.
  • Keep staying in touch when you travel (be it locally or abroad).
  •  Your family and colleagues can still dial your UCT office number and have the call routed to you wherever you are in the globe.

How to Install/Configure Skype for Business for Android

Skype for Business App can also be installed to keep you keeping on with your colleagues when you are out of the office, or when your computer and phone are inaccessible due to power supply interruptions. You can install this app, and use your mobile device (phone or tablet) then use the device as a portable version of your office phone. With this, you can keep making and receiving voice calls, send instant messages and emails, and participate in video calls.

Skype For Business App


  • Visit the Google Play Store
  • Look for Skype for Business app
  • Choose Skype for Business for Android from the search results
  • Then choose “Install >Accept.


  • Tap open Skype for Business for Android App.
  • Review the terms of use and accept.
  • Then navigate the welcome details, and key in your full Deakin email address and password and choose the arrow to log in.
  • Then key in your mobile number and choose the arrow to stay signed in.

How to Set Up Call Forwarding from the App

Now that your app is all installed and configured, you can use the following steps to set up call forwarding;

  • Click on the Status icon
  • Click Call Forwarding: No call forwarding

Forward calls: Forward calls to voicemail or your cell phone

Simultaneously ring: Calls rings on your office phone and your smartphone device.

  • In the section that reads Apply Settings, choose when call forwarding should be active.
  • Head back

How to Contact Someone from the Skype for Business App

Contact Someone on your Contact List

  • Click on the Contacts icon.
  • Look through and navigate to locate the relevant contact.
  • Then choose the relevant icon to communicate with the person.

Instant messaging.

Voice call.

Video call.

Person’s email address for email.

Person(s) not on your Contact List

  • Click on the Keypad icon.
  • Then dial the person’s number.
  • Click on the Call icon.

“Voice call” happens to be the only communication method available when contacting people who are not on your contact list.

Group Conversation

  • Click on the Options icon.
  • Choose Add participants.
  • Look for and choose another participant.
  • Keep looking for and adding other participants.
  • To change the conversation to a voice or video call, click the relevant icon in the that is at the footer bar.

Skype For Business App Cost

 The Skype for Business app costs $2 per month, per user.

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