Shopify Facebook Group | 6 Best Facebook Groups for Shopify Merchants

What is Shopify facebook group

This is a public Facebook group for Shopify merchants, online marketers, advertisers and service providers who want to connect with like-minded people and seek advice on all things Shopify.

Most Facebook users would argue that Facebook groups are full of spam and promotional content. And they are right.

There are many online communities that have a promotional rather than educational character. This is why many users who used to be active in various Facebook groups, have stopped following the majority of them.

On the other hand, when you are new in business, call it eCommerce or anything else, you need tips and useful information on how to launch, run and grow your business.

Shopify Facebook Group

With more than 100 Million Facebook users belong to Facebook groups, there is a slight chance that you will not be able to find a group that will fit your needs and helps. You acquire useful knowledge that you can use in your strategy.

Shopify is an eCommerce management platform with many online communities, most of them on Facebook –

Shopify Communities or Shopify Facebook Group

We’ve chosen 6 of the best of these Shopify Facebook Group and we are glad to be presenting them to you.

So, without further ado, let’s see 6, among the best Shopify Facebook Group for Shopify merchants.

1.Shopify Entrepreneurs

What is it?

This is a closed group for Shopify merchants, store managers, service providers, and entrepreneurs. This group can be useful for new Shopify store owners who seek advice regarding their Shopify store and want to connect with merchants from all over the world.

# of Members: 87,394

Owner: Jonathan Kennedy

2. Shopify Newbies

This is a closed group for Shopify merchants who want to know more things about eCommerce and get insights on several aspects of running a Shopify store, from launching to growing and scaling. It is also an ideal community for service providers who want to sell their services (think courses, themes, etc).

# of Members: 86,980

Owner: Lyndon Scott

3. Ecom Empires – Shopify Facebook Group

This is a closed group for Shopify merchants and eCommerce entrepreneurs who want to sharpen their knowledge around Shopify and other e-commerce-related topics. It is a highly active community with almost 50 new posts on a daily basis.

# of Members: 66,101

Owner: Nick Peroni

4. Dropship CEOs (The Realistic Shopify Sellers)

This is a closed group for Shopify merchants and drop shippers who want to connect with like-minded people and make questions to mid-to-senior professionals about eCommerce and Shopify.

# of Members: 18,248

Owner: Adam Thomas

5. Shopify Ninjas – Shopify Facebook Group

A relative funny name thus. But it’s a very lucrative community.

It is also a closed Shopify facebook group for Shopify merchants who want to learn how to run their Shopify store – the owner of the group Kevin David, is well-known in the eCommerce and digital marketing space and publishes high-quality content on YouTube and other channels.

# of Members: 80,020

Owner: Kevin David

6. Shopify Ecom for Small Business

This is a closed Facebook group for Shopify merchants who want to improve their skills and learn more skills. As in every other serious community, this group doesn’t allow spam or promotional material and is focused on adding value to its members.

# of Members: 10,438

Owner: Daniel Barrett

So make a choice and become part of one or more of these Shopify Facebook communities today, to accelerate your merchandising further.

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