Secrete Revealed – How to Change Country or Region in Google Play Store

See how you can change you country or Region On Google Play Store.

It’s not so common and most people don’t know most times when you change your country/region you’ll need to also give your Google play store a heads up by making changes on this app to enable you to have proper access to the appropriate version of the Play Store for billing information.

Google play apps characteristics work differently in different regions which allows or blocks your access to certain apps. Just in case you want to move or have access to a different region’s Play Store, follow the steps below to help and guide you through that path.

How to Change Country/Region in Google Play Store

How To Change Country In The Google Play Store

Here’s a guide on how to How To Change Country In The Google Play Store:

  • Click on your Play Store on your smartphone device.
  • Go to your account which is on the left menu (just slide out).
  • On the preference tab, you’ll find a Country and Profile with your current country’s location.
  • Once your phone detects you’re in a different region, there will be a Switch To the (Region) Play Store option below.
  • If the aforesaid option isn’t showing, scroll down beneath your phone for more information.
  • Beneath the “switch” to the region play store, tap an option to add a payment method for your new country. This option differs according to your location and some tend to have the option to add a credit card.
  • Go through the prompt warnings and hit Continue.
  • Through the prompt add a new payment method for the country you’re switching to.
  • If the change has been made, you can browse the play store for that particular region. Though it may take 48hours for the change to be effective.

This steps can be followed accordingly if you’ve been in a different country than you are now before (bases on IP address). Meaning you can’t just change you Country/Region to any other of your choice.

 What’s an IP Address and can it show where you live?

Most people ask this and the answer is if a person has changed his or her country in the Google Play Store, they’ll have the choice to change between their old and new accounts if they want to. It’s easier if you’ve to abroad for a few years and then come back.

Even if you use the Google play family library Feature, seeing this option to change your play store Region wouldn’t be possible.

Beware if you’re Changing your Google Play Store Country

You should be warned if you want to change you play store Region.

  • You might lose some apps and other contents considering the fact that you’re changing your method of payment with your new account and the apps might not be present in your new Country too.
  •  If you’ve got Google balance from your old country, gift Cards you’ve not spent yet, and also credit earned by Google.
  • You won’t be able to spend any of them anymore till you go back to your old account.
  • You won’t have any access to Google play points once you switch countries.
  • You won’t be able to install new apps from play pass in your new region if play pass isn’t available in the new country you moved to.

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