Secrete Reveal: Now You can Copy Email Address Easily in Gmail for Android

Apparently, Google is making it easier to Copy email addresses from the To, CC, and BCC on your Android phone.

Copy and Paste Earlier Method in Gmail for Android

The process we tend to follow in copying and pasting in Gmail for Android devices where’s a bit longer compared to this new method.

Now You can Copy Email Address Easily in Gmail for Android

You’ll have to

1. Long tap on an email address

Once you do that, it brings up the

2. Menu that enables you copy eamil addresses.

3. You’ll choose Copy from the small pop up that will appear on your screen

4. You still have to block the content of your email too.

Copy And Paste New Method In Gmail For Android

This new methodethod now allows the process of copying and pasting in Gmail from Android more straightforward and easy.

According nti Android policy now, you can tap an email address in any of the aforesaid fields to see the copy option.

Steps to follow

  • Go to Gmail on your Android device.
  • Put in an email address in either To, CC, or BCC field.
  • Click the email address once which allows a menu pops up.
  • Click Copy and by doing that, you’ll copy the selected email address to your clipboard.
  • Available of the New Gmail Copy and Paste Method

Right now this feature is server-based and Google might actually be making their moves gradually across the world.

Some can see this new feature while others can’t just be patient if you can’t. While waiting for this new feature, update the Gmail app on your phone.

Steps to follow in updating your Gmail App

   1. Click on the Google Play Store on your device to open.

   2.  Search for Gmail.

   3.  Click on the Update button.

Copy Email Address with Ease in Gmail For Android

Try out this new method since it’s convenient and better in doing your email tasking apps.

Gmail on Android can do a lot for you. Explore all the feature and enjoy doing that.

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