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Rixty gift card is a globally used prepaid gift card for easy downloads of mobile games, multiplayer, and virtual worlds. Rixty gift card is issued by Rixty. Inc. And distributed by Blackhawk network. The Rixty card face value is in the US. Dollars. Looking for a perfect gift to give to a friend for any occasion or event, Rixty gift card is truly the best gift to give to that friend.

One major advantage of a Rixty gift card is its digital delivery—with Rixty gift card, your gift is delivered to your desired recipient in just a few minutes after purchase.

Games you can purchase with a Rixty gift card includes Arche age, Roblox, World of tanks, Warframe, Aeria games, Crossfire games, and lots more. You can also get downloadable games from top web stores.

rixty gift card

Features of Rixty Gift Card

The following are features of a Rixty gift card:

  • No fees required.
  • Rixty gift cards can only be redeemed online.
  • No credit cards required.
  • No returns and refunds on gift cards.
  • Rixty gift card can only be used to purchase eligible goods and services offered by Rixty merchants.

How fast and secured is Rixty gift card?

Rixty gift cards are known for its secured and convenient email delivery. Every gift card sent to a recipient appears in the recipient’s email inbox. This gift card contains the Rixty code the recipient uses to redeem the card sent to them. Either to their Rixty account or to a digital wallet.

What is a Rixty Code?

A Rixty code is a unique 16 digit number that represents a prepaid card purchase value or a coin deposit. It is advisable to always keep track of the Rixty codes cos anyone who has the codes can use it straight away.

Rixty codes can be purchased and delivered electronically via; Offgamers, Sea gamer mall, Tango card, Amazon, Portal Dos Creditors, PayPal digital gifts, Picpay, Celcoin, Wow games, eGifter, One card, Gyft, etc.

Rixty codes can also be earned through sites like; Gameplay surveys, Mysurvey, and Mysurvey Asia.

How To Redeem Rixty gift card | Redeem RixtyCode

To redeem a Rixty gift card you are required to register and ‘ve issued a Rixty account and also agree to Rixty terms and conditions in order to use the Rixty card value for purchasing of goods and services offered by Rixty merchants. Follow the steps below to redeem a Rixty gift card.

  • Visit HTTPS://www.Rixty.com.
  • Click Redeem code.
  • You will be asked to login or create a new Rixty account.
  • Input the 16 digit code where necessary.

When you redeem a Rixty code, you automatically transfer the value of the code into your Rixty account. Once a Rixty code has been redeemed then it is of no value again and cannot be used unless it is recycled.

To view a Rixty gift card balance, visit www.Rixty.com.

How do I use Rixty value to Purchase a Service?

It is possible to use the Rixty value to purchase a service from Rixty merchants. To purchase a service;

  • Visit the Rixty merchant website.
  • Choose the service you want to purchase.
  • Select the Rixty mode of payment.
  • You will be required to log in to your Rixty account.
  • Approve your transaction and return to the merchant’s website.

Every of your purchase will be deducted from your Rixty account.

Who is a Rixty Merchant?

A Rixty merchant is referred to as participating merchants displayed on the Rixty website that offers goods and services to which you can purchase with a Rixty gift card.

Note: you cannot use the Rixty value to purchase games and services outside Rixty merchants which are out listed on Rixty websites.

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