Types Of Rings and All You Need To Know About Them

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A  ring is what is placed on the finger, to indicate that the person wearing it is getting married or already married. It is mostly created from metals and known to be made of gold or silver or any other suitable material.


Rings were first sighted on persons from ancient Egypt. Meanwhile, the culture of using rings can be tracked all the way back to the Greek and Roman times and was passed on to the present through Christianity that was introduced to Europe.

It is a traditionally known fact that rings are worn on the left-hand ring/middle finger, but this differs in cultures. Many married people are obliged to putting on their rings day-in, day-out. Therefore leaving an obvious mark of strain on their fingers when they eventually take them off. The ring is valued so much, that even prisoners are allowed to wear their wedding rings in prison.

Types Of Rings

Rings are of different types and they all serve different purposes. The major types available are explained below;

  • Wedding rings

Rings that are given on the day of a couples wedding ceremony that represents unity, togetherness, and commitments to each other, are called wedding rings. They are known to traditionally be put on by women. But recent trends have brought about wedding bands that can be worn by the couples after the wedding.

This ring is given to a spouse just before the wedding. It serves the main purpose of stating the intention of the giver concerning marriage. They are most of the time embodied within them,  gemstones and diamonds. The engagement ring can be worn alongside the wedding ring after marriage, and some go as far as soldering these rings together.

  • Knuckle rings

These are exquisitely designed rings that are made to be worn on the knuckles as the name implies. These rings are small, and cannot fall through all the way to the position of the wedding or engagement rings if worn on the middle finger. They usually do not portray deep meanings, as they are purely there for its elegance amd style in fashion.

  • promise rings

These rings are worn on the back of promises proclaimed by a particular set of persons. These could involve promises made between friends, lovers, family members, co-workers, classmates etc. On giving this ring, the promise of fulfillment over a long time is made and trust is further increased in the midst of the persons making and accepting it.

Promise rings do not necessarily need to be extravagant. It always created in simplicity.

Other types rings  includes

  • Mood rings
  • Championship rings
  • Mourning rings
  • Birthstone rings
  • Iron ring
  • Class ring
  • Doctoral ring
  • Posie ring

Rings could also be classified based on the materials used in making them. Examples include silver rings, diamond rings, copper rings, etc.

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