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Pretty Little Thing was founded by an English fashionista and business tycoon called Umar Kamani. Umar Kamani who was born on 21st March 1988 co-founded this brand with his brother Adam. Their fashion trend was specially designed to meet the needs of young women from the ages of 12 to 25 years.

They were prompted to create a similar business with that of their father Mahmud Kamani, after seeing the wonderful heights BOOHOO, which was created by their father had reached.

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Kamani is the eldest of three children and went to Wilmslow School from a very tender age. In the early stages of his life, he was bent on becoming an actor or stage performer and so he embarked pursuing his dreams by attending the school for 4 years. He later finished and acquired his Bachelor of Arts degree in international business at metropolitan university, in Manchester.

Pretty little thing literally hit the ground running, as they made their debut in 2012. And as at July 2013, had started attracting major celebs including the likes of Rita Ora, Nicki Minaj etc. These celebs were seen frequently putting on clothes from the fashion retailer.

Marketing Strategy Used By Pretty Little Thing | www.prettylittlething.com

Without the use of the proper marketing strategy, chances will not come and potential businesses will be lost. Digital marketing is always on the move, and ‘ pretty little thing ‘ as a brand understood, that this is a major link that affects the bonds with customers either negatively or positively. Pretty little things have made it this far by implementing the key for success which includes.

  • Place
  • Price
  • Products
  • Promotion


Place in question here is the Internet. This is where billions of consumers all over the world gather together and get associated with the product. They could make use of technological products like the smartphones, computers and so on. As a result of this, pretty little thing has created a website/platform, where marketing can be carried out with ease.


Since the fashion industry is a very competitive place, this is where brands have to be careful enough not to scare off potential buyers. In a bid to attract customers, they have to make sure that the overall value propositions seen by the consumers of their fashion products are compelling enough. Putting it in mind that their sales are made for the younger population, they make sure that their prices are reasonable for their consumers.


Pretty little thing were designed for the young ones from 16 to 25 years of age, and they have the responsibility to always stay atop in terms of trends. Their marketing strategy employed, gives customers the ability to view products directly and show quality descriptions concerning occasions and whether it is available at certain times or not.


Promotion is the number one activity every brand is subjected to performing. Whether online or offline, they have to somehow get the brands to the consumers in a palatable way.

The website of this brand is the main hub of the digital marketing world, which is the most intriguing element while using a digital marketing strategy. They are also doing great on your social media platforms, as their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts are constantly active in giving reviews and engaging customers in discussions both on comment sections, receiving their questions and giving answers promptly.

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