Picture-in-Picture Mode Will Be Available For Video Calls in Chrome Soon

The picture in picture mode has existed for a long time now on Google chrome, enabling you to view your chrome windows on another window.

The company behind this browser is currently working on a recent feature that will enable the picture in picture mode accessible for your video calls. Video calls in Google chrome will soon become much easier.

Picture-in-Picture Mode Will Soon Be Available For Video Calls in Chrome

Picture in Picture Mode Google Chrome

If you are not aware, Chrome offers a mode where you can disconnect the tab that’s playing media in your browser, this separated window then appears over your other app windows, that allows you to watch media and work in other apps at the same time..

Video Call Controls in Chrome’s Picture In Picture Mode

Once this feature is available, you will be able to watch your video call windows and manage your calls too. These windows will contain video call controls, like the alternative to the mic, toggle on/off-camera, and end video call.

It is also worth knowing that video calls from the web are very common, Google will announce the aforesaid feature very soon.

When the features roll out you will be able to manage actions on your video call app from any window app on your computer.

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