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A Paysafe gift card is a safe and prepaid payment method that allows users to make payments to online platforms. Paysafe gift cards are available at over a million sales outlets around the globe. The gift card is one of the multi-award-winning online prepaid payment providers for payments of online games, entertainments, movies, and many more.

Security is an important agenda at, and that is why Paysafe has compiled a list of ideas for the efficient payment of services online. Below are few guides to follow to ensure paying safely online for a service.

  • Do not transfer a Paysafe gift card code by email or mobile message to a friend or colleague.
  • Only enter a Paysafe gift card code at authorized Paysafe gift card online shops.
  • If you encounter a problem contact the Paysafe gift card service team.
  • Make sure you handle your Paysafe gift cards with care to avoid damage.
  • Never pay a fine or reminder fee with a Paysafe gift card an at law firms, courts, or government authorities. They are not a Paysafe gift card online shop.

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Where can I Buy Paysafe Gift Card?

Getting Paysafe gift cards is very easy. Paysafe gift cards are available at different supermarkets, gas stations, and news agents worldwide. Here’s a list of some major Paysafe retail outlets where you can get Paysafe gift cards safely and secured;

  • Black Hawk
  • Tom Thumb
  • Randalls
  • King Kullen
  • Moneygram
  • ePay
  • Pilot flying and more.

You can also get Paysafe gift cards retail outlet using the find sales outlet page in Paysafe card page.

  • Visit Paysafe card retail outlets page.
  • Enter your address in the search box provided.
  • Click on search

A list of Paysafe gift cards sales outlets will be displayed on your screen.

With Paysafe gift cards, you neither need a bank account or a credit card to pay for a purchase. This ensures the protection of your privacy.

Buy Paysafe Gift Card Online

Buying Paysafe gift cards online is very easy, simply follow the steps below to purchase Paysafe gift cards online.

  • Visit Paysafe card online.
  • Choose a card amount.
  • Follow the checkout process.
  • Choose a payment mode.

As soon as your payment has been approved your Paysafe gift code will be sent to you via email, it is a 16 digit code. This gift code can be used to buy a wide range of services like online dating, films, music, games, and more.

Can you Gift Paysafe gift cards?

Yes, you can give someone either a friend or loved one, a Paysafe gift card for any occasion or event. All you need do is print the Paysafe gift card on their gift card papers and send via email to the person. Don’t forget to add a personalised message before sending to the recipient.

The recipient receives an email with a 16 digit Paysafe gift code, with this Paysafe gift code the recipient can get whatever he/she wishes to get online.

Check Paysafe gift card balance

To check balance on Paysafe gift cards you must be a registered member of, same applies to purchase a service with Paysafe gift cards. Here’s how to check your Paysafe gift card balance;

  • Visit Paysafe gift card.balance.
  • Enter the 16 digit code sent to your email.
  • Input the encrypted digits displayed on your screen in the box provided.
  • Click check balance tab.

Remember Paysafe gift code has no expiry date but has a monthly fee which is deducted from your balance after a year of purchase.

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