NYC’s First E-Scoter Share Program Will Be Hosted By Bronx

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NYC’s First E-Scoter Share Program Will Be Hosted By Bronx – Electric scooter has really become a means of transportation in some countries. Now it is finally coming to New York City starting its launch in Bronx, the NYC Department of Transportation. The program is meant to begin this spring with 2,000-3,000 scooters in the northeast part of the borough, within the vicinity of Eastchester, Wakefield, Pelham Parkway and Co-Op City. “We are happy to deliver the city’s first e-scooter share pilot — crafted to allow Bronx residents to try e-mobility to and from countless critical destinations,” said DOT commissioner Hank Gutman in a statement.

NYC put this into serious consideration and has decided to legalize electric moped and e-bike sharing, together with countries like Lyft’s Citi. E-scooters themselves are also legal, but only for purchase or long terms rentals.

NYC's First E-Scoter Share Program Will Be Hosted By Bronx

DOT has failed to reveal which scooter companies will participate in the trials. “A forthcoming announcement will introduce the companies selected from amongst those who responded to the [bid], along with details about equipment, accessible options, pricing, equity policies and discounts, features, and a launch schedule,” the agency said in a press release.

NYC and the DOT solely focus on helping transit commuters who are far from subway stations, at the same placing scooters close to universities, hospitals and other important locations. If everything goes according to plan in the first phase, it will expand to 4,000 to 6,000 scooters sometime in 2022.

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