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It’s time to get more knowledge on “My Email Address”. This article has got all you need on an email address so read on and discover more.

An email address is a special identifier for an email account. It can be used to send email messages and also receive them over the internet. It could also be referred to as an electron mailbox.

 Email Address Example

If we’ve got a sampled mail address like [email protected], check out the address from the right to the left, from the right, you’ll notice the .com component which represents the top-level domain (TLD). It’s isn’t like that of a Disposable Email Address.

My Email Address

Email Address Origin

Email is a word derived from the traditional word Mail Service. It’s an electronic postal email, where letter E in the word “Email” stands for Electronic which literarily means all your mails are sent and received electronically.

  Below are some other well-known top-level domains. They are:

  • .com:  The .com is used by entitles involved in commerce.
  • .edu:  This top-level domain is used by educational institutions.
  • .org:   This TLD is used by nonprofit organization.
  • .gov:   It’s used by and fir governmental agencies.
  • .net:    This TLD is used for network providers.

 In an email address, the left side of the address signifies the name of the Organization. You’ll need to combing both the organization’s name and the top-level domain which is the complete address of an email that’ll be typed into a browser to get that organization’s website and email address are connected.

The @ (which means “at”) symbol is the connector/ middle man between the domain and the person using the email address.

While the user of the email address is John (from the sample given). The email belongs to John at a cozy corporate. 

Email Address Format

The format of an email address is [email protected]. For an email address, some characters are allowed. Characters like letters, numbers, a few punctuation marks like the period or underscore are allowed.

You can choose to make your user different from another by using your first name e.g.  [email protected] or a name then an initial e.g. [email protected] .

You could get to capitalize your name too and the fun part of it all is that capitalized characters of an address don’t affect the sending nor receiving of emails for the email address. I.e. using our sampled address ( [email protected]) and a person sends a mail to [email protected], Faith can still receive the ail sent regardless of the capitalized characters.

Obtaining an Email Address

 Getting an email address is possible from the internet service providers, companies, schools or even a web-based email service like Yahoo, ICloud, Outlook or Gmail. Create your own domain like [email protected] . With your domain, you can choose not to change your email as changes occur in service providers or jobs.

People tend to have different accounts for various reasons like work, personal use and other purposes. Through that means, interactions from each chooses areas will differ from others though you’ll keep checking your different accounts regularly so you don’t miss any message.

Desktop clients like Outlook can actually be connected to different accounts so you’ll just have to check in on one place to see your messages. That’ll be all on Email Address. Hope this article was helpful and hope you’ve learnt new stuffs to? Enjoy Emailing.

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