MoneyGram Tracking | How to Track your MoneyGram transfer

MoneyGram Tracking – Trust me, MoneyGram is one of the best ways you can send money abroad. The service is widely accepted and offers a tracking feature that can enable users to keep track of their transfer status.

Well if you’re new to this page, you’re welcome. In today’s discussion, you’ll see more of MoneyGram tracking because that’s what is trending on the internet and a lot of questions have been coming on how to track a MoneyGram transfer. Grab a popcorn while we take a ride on MoneyGram tracking.

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MoneyGram tracking

I believe you already know what MoneyGram is about but nevertheless – MoneyGram like it’s name implies is a money transfer company in the U.S., MoneyGram allows you to send and receive money internationally, and also pay for your bills.

MoneyGram uses a network of agents and financial institutions to provide it’s services to individuals and businesses. The company is one the largest money transfer providers worldwide, operates on over 200 countries with about 340,000 agent offices.

There are different ways to send money using the MoneyGram money transfer service, you can send;

Theses ways are efficient and trusted ways you can send and receive money using the MoneyGram transfer service. With the MoneyGram mobile app, you can keep track of all of your transfer transactions.

Back to the gist of today -MoneyGram tracking- let’s quickly dive into that.

MoneyGram Tracking

MoneyGram tracking allows users to easily track and check the status of their MoneyGram transfer using their transfer reference or authorization number. What’s authorization or reference number? – this is a unique eight digit number sent to your email and it’s mainly for transfer tracking purposes.

Track your MoneyGram Transfer

The process of transferring money using the MoneyGram transfer service is fast and reliable, it can be tracked at all stages. Here’s how to track a MoneyGram transfer;

  • Visit the MoneyGram transfer tracking site.
  • Type in your authorization number.
  • Enter your personal details.
  • Click the track button.

MoneyGram immediately displays the status of your money transfer and the pickup time on your screen. You’ll get a notification alert whenever the transfer reaches the recipients destination, and the recipient can now claim it.

However, you can request a refund if only your recipient has not received the money transferred after two weeks of transfer date. All you need do is fill up a claim card online to enable you it a refund.

As a sender make sure you keep record of the transfer transaction date, it makes tracking of transfers very easy. Both the sender and recipient of MoneyGram money transfer can track a transfer transaction.

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