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Messenger App is a mobile messaging app for free, used for instant messaging, videos, sharing photos, audio recordings and for charts in the group . The app, which is a free download, is used to communicate with friends on Facebook also with your phone contacts.

Is Messenger App Different from Facebook?

The app Messenger is a different app from Facebook. Nevertheless, users’ profiles can be put in place using their phone number or Facebook information.

Messenger App Download Free  |  Download Facebook Messenger App Install Update |  FB Messenger

What are the main functions of Messenger App?

  • Instant messaging
  • Photo/video sharing
  • Group chatting – users can communicate with their Facebook colleagues and phone contacts.
  • Ability to record voice messages
  • Live video chat // video calling

How It Practically Works on Facebook Messenger App

Messenger App Users simply download the app on their phones/tablets. The app can as well be used on a desktop. Users have the choice of setting up Messenger with their Facebook data, or with their phone number (same to Whatsapp, ooVoo, viper, etc.)

In case you choose to open an account with your Facebook details, Messenger would collect information from your Facebook profile to open your Messenger account. This info is inclusive of- profile picture, friends list, etc. The app can synchronize with your phone numbers, also with your current friends on Facebook.

Are There Any Risks With Facebook Messenger App?

Just like all other similar messaging applications, there are also some risks and traces to watch out for. Some of the most regular risks include; Cyberbullying, sharing inappropriate content and communicating with people you don’t know.

In other to assist curtail these issues, the same rules should be applicable to all online communications for younger folks. Only share data with the people who you can trust in real life.

 You should think before you tap and message any inappropriate data or report to a trusted adult. More other risks are there that are more specific to the app Messenger which parents should also be informed of.

Location Services on Facebook Messenger.

This Messenger app enables users to forward other users their destination in message. This is done with GPS technology present on most devices. Parents may want to unable location services on their child’s or ward’s gadget, to prevent any possible risk. On several devices, location services which can be in the device settings, simply unable the ‘access to my location’ option.

How to Disable Location Settings on Messenger App APK

Facebook Privacy Settings;- When you set up a Facebook account, the app Messenger can be sync with all your device contacts, in combination with Facebook friends. If you care about who might be in your child’s contacts or put a limitation to who your child’s contacts only on Facebook friends.

This can possible by bypassing the sync with contacts option when downloading the app or putting it off from the phone settings. On Settings, click- People, then Turn Synced Contacts off.

Another limitation settings parents should be informed of is – ‘Who can contact me’.

 By default, Facebook is set to ‘basic filtering’. Which implies that friends and people you may know can contact you on Messenger and on Facebook. To prevent the risk of contact from a person your child may not even know, it is suggested that this setting be turned to strict filtering where friends alone can send messages to the account.

This is only possible when a user set up a Messenger account through Facebook.

Limiting Who can Contact your Child on Facebook Messenger.

Click Settings > Select Privacy > then, Select edit on ‘Whose messages do I prefer filtered into my message Inbox?’ (this is found in the ‘Who can contact me section’) > then Switch from basic filtering to strict filtering.

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