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Liker App for Facebook – Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms on earth if not the biggest, with almost 3 billion people on Facebook posting, sharing, creating, liking, typing and viewing media contents on Facebook.

It’s will be quite complicated to get likes on. Being a business brand on Facebook, one of the primary things you need are “likes” to boost your business presence on Facebook among customers and other business brands alike.

Liker app for Facebook works like an auto liking application For Facebook posts, when you open a Facebook liker App, you have to log-in to the Facebook account containing the posts you wish to work on the application where codes will be run and you get likes on your desired post.

Liker App for Facebook Download Free  -   Auto Liker apps FB Like

Some liker applications work as a community, for example when you log –into a Liker app that has 10 other Facebook users using it, you will have to like the posts of those Facebook users on Facebook and in turn, they will return the Favour.

  Liker App for Facebook – Android

  • Get Instant Likes; This application is completely free, can be used to get more likes, comments, and views and also could increase your followers list. What’s cool about the application is the fact that it issues you top tags for your posts on Facebook.
  • FB liker; One of the big names in the business, a user-friendly interface and could auto-generate spam free likes on Facebook.
  • Metal on Facebook and Twitter; lightning-fast and easy to use application, also now available on twitter and also it’s ads-free.
  • Apental Calc; With this application, getting likes, shares and comments in a very short amount of time. User-friendly interface and a hundred percent safe to use.

   Liker App for Facebook – IOS

  • FBoost; A free application that helps increase likes, comments and shares on Facebook post.
  • Swipa; Also a Facebook liker application, it’s a free application means you could download it. All you need to do is to upload your posts to this application and it will enhance your likes on Facebook and on itself. The application works like a community.
  • Appental Calc
  • FB auto Liker; A powerful Facebook liker app, could also increase your followers list on Facebook. Does everything a liker app does efficiently and fast.

I can’t assure you a hundred percent that any of the likes, shares, comments, views or increased activities on your Facebook profile on your presence are not spams as a result of using Facebook Liker applications, what I could do though is to advise you to get your account or page verified by Facebook. Get the blue badge and the activities on your account or page will rocket high.

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