Jabra Elite 85t Earbuds is $50 off at Amazon and Best Buy

If you missed a recent sale in January, there is a similar deal now available at Amazon and best buy. You can pick up a pair for $50 off the regular price, a good deal for top tier buds with active noise cancellation, while there are a lot of options in the crowded wireless earbud market, Jabra’s Elite 85t model scored well in reviews based on their comfort and powerful ANC.

Jabra Elite 85t Earbuds is $50 off at Amazon and Best Buy

The Jabra Elite 85t can’t top the sound quality of Sony’s XM3 or the Air pods pro, they guarantee a very strong noise cancellation. You also get outstanding comfort, thanks to the pressure relief system that’s useful for extending listening sessions.

Other powerful features include 5.5 hours battery life, even with ANC turned on, so these can last throughout a long study session or several movies transatlantic flight, they are also eligible for wireless charging as standard and onboard controls.

All these features make the Elite 85ts a bit bulky and, as mentioned, audio quality isn’t quite up to snuff with other models in that price range. Jabara has fixed one bug (popping sounds) via a firmware update last year November.

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