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Getting Instagram followers on your Instagram business page, who appreciate your product and services, is ideal for any Instagram business to grow.
In this article, we take you thru some steps of getting more qualified Instagram followers. That will appreciate your product offering or services and give you the returns you want in your Instagram marketing efforts.

Instagram Followers

Strategies To Grow  Your Instagram Followers

Here we will be looking at some strategies that will help you boost your Instagram followers

1. Look for hashtags in your niche, to locate those who qualify for what you are offering. Doing this on a daily basis will gain you inside information on market trends and competition, where you will also likely meet people who would want to learn more about you, by following you on Instagram.
• When you locate a post of interest, tap on the user bio to see if his/her description qualifies a “follow.” Tap on your part. If he and your business, care about the same things, he will most likely follow you back.

• If you feel you should leave a comment on the post, do so. Note, let the comment be about the post, not you.
You can repeat this method wherever applicable.
Hashtags and locations can be monitored with the Instagram dashboard.

2. To garner more Instagram business, you need to monitor a hashtag in your niche to gain user-generated content and followers. With this, you’ll be taking your hashtag monitoring a step further.
Users often get motivated that a business finds their post worthy of a regram, thus when they see your regram, they would most likely follow you so that they can see your photo in their feed.

3. To take your Instagram followers a niche further, you can cosponsor an Instagram contest. This is partnering with another Instagram user in your niche for a contest in which the entrant must follow you both.

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4. Gaining more followers on Instagram also requires you posting to Instagram on a regular basis. It is very important to show the value of your account and business by consistently sharing great photos and short videos. This should be done using targeted hashtags to be located by users, who will be interested in what you offer.

5. Make sure you promote your Instagram presence wherever you can. Get your circles and customers informed about your business Instagram account, by telling people on your website. You can also add a widget that gives visitors a flavor of what your account looks like and lure them to your account with a tap or click

Your email subscribers, need to know about your Instagram account and, encouraged to follow you there. If you deal with tangible products, you can consider adding a bit about your business’ Instagram account.
Note, the success of all your posting can be monitored right from your Instagram dashboard.

There you have it, it’s now up to you, to do whatever you like with your Instagram followers. Since you are in this for the long haul, you may want to consider making your followers a priority, as this is the people that will keep you in business.

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