How To Share On Facebook – How to Post & Share

How To Share On Facebook –  Facebook is a social media application thus users share and post different media contents daily either by clicking on the “What’s on your mind” text box, using the Facebook story, Facebook live, Facebook status, Messenger or via their profile’s timeline.

There are over two billion users on Facebook, all posting and sharing beautiful photos, videos or contents. So there’s a 60-90 percent chance you come across a user content on Facebook, one you just can’t help but fall in love with, you just can’t resist the urge to share that content and show people what you feel about the content.

How To Share On Facebook - How to Post & Share

How To Share On Facebook – Post Content

This article is meant to guide you on sharing contents;

  • The first step is to come across a “blow my mind” content on Facebook, that’s quite easy and complicated considering how big a social media platform Facebook is. So my advice is to start the search from your newsfeed or timeline or probably visit the profile of the Facebook user who posted the content you fell in love with.
  • Make sure it’s a post you can share, This depends on the content creator’s privacy settings.
  • Click on “Share” just below the post, a drop-down menu will pop-up with different sharing options, choose the one you prefer. These options will also be influenced by the posts creator privacy settings.
  • Do not select “Share now” unless you want to share immediately without adding anything.
  • If you are sharing via Facebook mobile app, you could copy the post’s link and share it elsewhere.
  • Edit the post to your taste and click on post.

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