How to Post a YouTube Video on Instagram For More Views

How to post a YouTube Video on Instagram – YouTube is the second giant search engine in the world. It is a popular online streaming platform where users can watch over a billion videos and music videos.

While creating videos just for Instagram can feel like a hassle, you can also post some of your YouTube videos on your Instagram stories and feed.

This article will walk you round the easiest way to post a YouTube video on an Instagram account feed or stories.

How to Post a YouTube Video on Instagram

YouTube Videos for Instagram

Instagram has become an integral component of any marketing stack. Virtually no brand marketer can afford to exclude it from it’s video marketing strategy in 2020. The number of video contents posted on YouTube on a daily basis can be a bit staggering.  

The diversity of these videos that can be found on YouTube makes it a valuable resource for both highly skilled professionals and entrepreneurs as well as an endless source of entertainment.

Unfortunately, out of the four giant social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – Instagram is the only platform that doesn’t allow a straightforward and easy way to post videos directly to the platform.

The Big Question

So how do you get your YouTube videos posted to your Instagram account stories, feed, or IGTV?

While Instagram may have started off as a place to share your happy snaps, it has fast evolved into the app of choice for everyone and all things video. And as if posting stories and saving them as highlights, posting Instagram live broadcast, or posting videos where a photo would go wasn’t enough, you can also share YouTube content directly to Instagram in many ways.  

How to Post a YouTube Video on Instagram

If you want to feature your YouTube videos on Instagram, you will have to go through three simple steps and they include;

  • First, download the YouTube videos and save them to your device gallery.
  • Edit and convert the video to meet Instagram video requirements.
  • Upload the YouTube video to Instagram.

You can post longer videos on Instagram, when you post a video to your Instagram it will automatically give you the option of posting the first minute of the video to your Instagram feed.

Instagram had a few video requirements including; no posting of explicit stuffs and you can only post videos to Instagram if the video is between 5-60seconds. If the video is longer than 60eeconds, then you have to do some editing.

Post a YouTube Video on Instagram

To post a YouTube video on Instagram you need to move your video out of your downloading app to your device gallery.

  • Play the video, then click on the share icon in the bottom menu.
  • Click save to camera roll.
  • Add a filter or a custom cover to the video.
  • Log into your Instagram account.
  • Click new post.
  • Add a caption, hashtag, and location.
  • Click the post button.

Note; for easy downloading of the YouTube videos, you can use either the video get app or the Filmora Go app.

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