How to mute Someone on Facebook | Facebook Messenger

How to mute Someone on Facebook – Everyone has that friend, page or group on Facebook whose Facebook updates or notifications can be a pain in the ass and you just want to stop viewing or reading news and updates from that friend but you don’t want to block the friend(s), page or group on Facebook as that will be quite inhumane because the respective friend, page or group might be notified by Facebook that they’ve been blocked. The best thing about muting people on Facebook is the fact that they will actually have no idea that you’ve muted them.

How to mute Someone on Facebook |  Facebook Messenger

Steps on How to Mute Someone on Facebook

 Follow these easy steps to mute people on Facebook;

  • Log in to your Facebook account via the mobile app or website.
  • Visit the profile of the page, group or friend you wish to mute, tap on “more” and click on “Unfollow”. This could also be done by clicking on the three dots by the Facebook user posts you wish to unfollow.
  • Or click on the three-line menu, and scroll to “Settings and Privacy” and click on settings.
  • Select “News Feed Preferences”.
  • Click on “Unfollow people to hide their posts”, scroll down and select the Facebook accounts you’d like to mute.
  • If you have a more recent version of the Facebook app, after clicking on the three-line menu, scroll down to find the “News Feed Preferences” icon.

 After following these steps, there won’t be notifications or newsfeed concerning the muted account or Facebook user.

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