How to Make Money on WhatsApp | Write WhatsApp status and get Paid

How to Make Money on WhatsApp – Have you ever imagined yourself making money from the same WhatsApp platform you are using to chat with friends? If you have never given it a thought, today, you are going to learn how to make money on WhatsApp.

It is very possible to make money from WhatsApp. Even though WhatsApp does not provide a direct way with which you can make money with your WhatsApp account, there are some earning methods you can still use to make money from your account.

Before I go deep into the topic and show how to make money from your account, I would like to point out some of the requirements you’ll need before you start the process.

How to Make Money on WhatsApp

Requirements to Make Money via WhatsApp

Like for every other social media platform, WhatsApp is no exception. There are some basic requirements you need before you can start the money making journey through WhatsApp. With these requirements, it will be easier and more effective, to attain the results you seek. For the requirements, you’ll need to have:

  • A huge contact base
  • Belong to lots of groups
  • You need a blog

Now that we are done with the requirements you need to start making money from your WhatsApp account, let’s go to the main aim of this article.

How to Make Money on WhatsApp

Affiliate System (Selling your Product or that of Third Party)

The Affiliate marketing platform is one that allows you to promote a specific product, on behalf of a company. Via affiliate marketing, you can get a commission that is dependent upon the product which you have to sell. You can start by choosing the product you want to promote.

Once you have settled for a product, get your affiliate URL, and start promoting it on WhatsApp by sharing the link with your contacts and groups that you are connected to. Apart from Amazon, there are other reputable sites, that offer affiliate marketing plans.

Refer Friends to Apps

If you go on the Google Play Store, you’ll find apps that are willing to pay you a small token or offer recharge cards and different rewards if you are able to refer a friend to use it. Even though this is quite passive, because the income is quite small, it still comes in handy for small rewards that you don’t have to pay out of your pocket for.

Start by getting the app, refer your friends to use it, and earn. We’ve not listed such apps here, because there are not consistent, but you can search on Google for “apps that pay to refer a friend”.


YSense,is a website that pays you just for watching videos, playing games, completing surveys etc. But hold on, we are still getting to the best part!

This site also pays you for referring the link to your friends. All you are required to do, is to sign up, and get your referral link, and share the links as well with your WhatsApp contact and groups. Once people start signing up, you get more bonus points in terms of money.

Also, you’ll have to complete the surveys assigned to you each time you are presented with any. You may not qualify for all, but you’ll sure qualify for some.


Short-Links is another easy medium of making money on WhatsApp these days. If you don’t know how this works, let me analyze it for you.

There are some links that are being forwarded to you every now and then on WhatsApp. These links talks about one give away in terms of money, gifts or something interesting if you click on it 

This is a short link. Once you click on these links on WhatsApp, someone gets paid at the back end.

Alternatively, you make money from short-links, by getting a website that pays you for promoting their short links. All you are required to do, is search these websites on Google, register with them, and learn how to shorten their links to promote them.

For starters, you can check out Shortest, OUO, ADF, etc. These links pay for promoting their Short-Links.

You can start now, by pasting these short-links on WhatsApp groups as well as on your WhatsApp status and make money on WhatsApp.

Drive Traffic to Your Blog

If you have a blog, then this is for you. Having a blog, comes with lots of advantages. You can share your links on WhatsApp and drive traffic to your blog. Note, organic traffic is still the best. With this, you’ll be introducing new visitors to your blog.

Upload Files

There are lots of sites, that are willing to pay you per download, for uploading pics, videos, games etc.

Now, you can get paid by uploading files via WhatsApp, relax, as I explain.  All you have to do, is copy the link to the page where people can download the file you uploaded and share it via WhatsApp. For every download you get, you’ll be paid, just for sharing on WhatsApp.

Here are examples of the sites that offer these services –, etc.

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