How to Download GP WhatsApp Latest Version for Android

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Why do people prefer GB WhatsApp over the Regular Whatsapp Messenger App

There are several versions of the fabricated WhatsApp messenger app available for android devices, and GP is one of them. Though GP WhatsApp is an illegal application, it does offer a lot of features that native WhatsApp fails to offer. 

How to Download GP WhatsApp Latest Version for Android

The GP WhatsApp allows users to access to WhatsApp account on a single phone. This is not a first-party developer therefore it cannot be downloaded from the google play store.

How to Download GP WhatsApp

To download GP WhatsApp, visit GP WhatsApp official website and download the latest APK (Download GP WhatsApp V6.40-2), which should be 35MB.

To install GP WhatsApp on your mobile give permission to install apps from unknown sources and click down the app.

Features of GP WhatsApp

GP WhatsApp offers features like a single tap on the profile screen for contact copy, hiding online status, increased video share size from 16MB to 30MB, allowing you to send up to 90 images at the same time instead of 10, hide last seen, blue tick, and double tick option, it also offers options to duplicate friends status, enable you to change missed call icon and colored calls. Finding who was online during what time, copying bulk SMSs, and custom themes.

We do not advise using GP WhatsApp over regular WhatsApp. As the developer could easily steal the data, and it might not be as secure as the regular WhatsApp.

If you are still insisting on using GP WhatsApp because of the aforementioned features, then you can still download GP WhatsApp.

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