Guide: How to Add Your AirPods to iCloud

How to Add Your AirPods to iCloud – The way you add your AirPods to your Apple device, isn’t the same as adding your AirPods to your iCloud account.

It’s cool and important to make sure your AirPods are connected to your iCloud account not only to give access to Find My Features but also to allow you to listen between devices easily. AirPods might look a bit small but putting its price and features into consideration doesn’t make it so small after all.       

How to Add Your AirPods to iCloud

 Adding Your AirPods to iCloud

 Being able to add your AirPods to your iCloud is easy and needed. account. This act doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to dress over complicated procedures. You could just get signed into your iCloud account with a device once your AirPods have been paired. With that, they’ve automatically been added to that iCloud account. With that, it’s left to you to manually add your AirPods to your iCloud account or not.

Your AirPods wouldn’t need to be re-pairing to other Apple devices as far as those devices are signed in to the same iCloud account and your AirPods are linked to your iCloud account. This means Switching between Apple devices quickly would be possible and easy.

 How to Switch AirPods Between iCloud Devices

 You’ll take your AirPods close to another iCloud device and start using it automatically moving the Bluetooth connection to that device. This feature was brought about in 2020 with both the iOS 14 and Big Sur. However, if your having difficulty with your AirPods not switching automatically, we’ve got you covered on that. Read on and find out how it’s done.

How To Add AirPods to “Find My”.

You need to know that your AirPods don’t just appear under My Devices in ICloud. Although, using AirPods with Find My is possible, showing up as one of your devices in the Find My app on any device.

Now that’s pretty amazing. Come to think of it, loosing one or both of your AirPods and knowing that the Find My app has got you covered in helping you find the headphones is good.

Another Benefit of the Apple Ecosystem

Fir the fact that you can switch devices without having to reconnect your headphones is a brilliant and convenient feature. It’s more like another plus in the Apple ecosystem. If you’re a hug fan or not such a great fan of this ecosystem, the fact still remains that it runs brilliantly.

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