Difference Between Instagram And Instagram Lite

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Instagram And Instagram Lite – Facebook recently launched the Instagram lite app. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Out there, the Instagram app is steadily growing and adding new users every day, however, it’s not the most accessible app in less connected regions and that’s where Instagram lite comes in.

The lite version recently rolled out for the second time in March 2021, here is everything you need to know about the Instagram lite app:

Instagram And Instagram Lite

What Is Instagram Lite

The Instagram lite is an option for Instagram, the lite version won’t take up so much space on your mobile phone and doesn’t require much data. You won’t have to sign up on the lite app because it’s the same Instagram platform, just in a smaller app.

The lite app was originally launched in 2018 but was pulled from the google play store in May of 2020, in less than a year the lite version showed up again, this time it comes with a major improvement that makes the app much more alluring.

The Instagram lite may not have all the functionality of the original Instagram app but for some users, the Instagram lite will make using the platform a lot easier and less intensive for smartphones.

The lite version of the app makes the platform more inclusive to users with older smartphones, phones with smaller storage or device, with a slow internet connection, or expensive data.

How is Instagram Lite Different From The Instagram App

There is no so much difference between Instagram lite and Instagram. The biggest difference you will notice will be the performance, simply because Instagram lite is not as large and powerful as Instagram itself.

App size

The main element of creating a lite version of the Instagram app is how demanding the main app can be on your mobile device can be on your phone, particularly if you don’t have enough data connection or storage space.

The download size for the Instagram app is 30-80MB, depending on your device, and the storage app use for data and cache is over 550MB. While the download size for the lite version is only 2MB, the light version will benefits users with less storage space on their phones.

App features

When the lite version of the app was launched in 2018, it didn’t allow users to send direct messages or record and post videos, this new version has a lot to offer to its users. The new version allows you. To send direct messages, record and post videos, chats with text, images, GIFs, stickers,  and videos. However, you can’t customize your chat them.

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