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Groupon Gift Card – Groupon is an online Deal marketplace that connects users from all over the world with merchants by offering them good and services. The company was co-founded by Andre Mason, Brad keywell, and  Eric lefkofsky.

With over 6000 employees worldwide Groupon has a bet income of about $14 million U.S dollars. The company offers a digital gift card to its users.

Groupon gift cards are available at Groupons website and at available Groupon retail outlets. Groupon retail outlets includes;

  • Safeway
  • Giant Eagle.
  • Jewel-cisco.

At Groupon, you can shop for home appliances, men’s and women fashion, toys, entertainment, groceries, health and beauty, watches, food, and more. A Groupon gift card cannot be used to purchase another Groupon gift card.

groupon gift card

Buy Groupon Gift Card

Purchasing a Groupon gift card is very easy, simply:

  • Visit
  • Click Email gift card.
  • Personalize a gift card you wish to buy.
  • Choose a gift card value.
  • Select an amount the gift card you want to buy.
  • Click Email or print.
  • Add your name and email.
  • Choose a delivery date.
  • Click add to cart or check out and follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

Groupon accepts both a credit and a debit card for payments. Groupon accepts;

  • Visa card
  • MasterCard
  • Discover card
  • American Express card.

How to use Groupon Gift Card?

To use a Groupon gift card is quite simple, follow the instructions to learn:

  • Visit Groupon site.
  • Sign in to your Groupon account or create a Groupon account.
  • Choose a deal you like to purchase.
  • Click on the deal.
  • Click on purchase deal.

Can I RETURN a Groupon gift card after purchase?

Yes, you can return Groupon gift cards after purchase only if the gift card has not been redeemed and it should be done within the first 3days of purchase.

How do I view my group on Transaction?

You can view all your Groupon transactions by:

  • Logging in to your Groupon account.
  • Click your name section at the top of the page.
  • Go through the list and click My Groupon..

A list of your Groupon transactions will be displayed on your device screen you can print them if you want.

How To Send Groupon Gift cards

To send Groupon gift cards:

  • Visit
  • Click send Groupon.
  • Choose a gift card design and quantity.
  • Choose gift card amount.
  • Enter recipients name and email address.
  • Enter senders name.
  • Type a personal message.
  • Add delivery details.
  • Add delivery date.
  • Click checkout.
  • Enter your payment info.
  • Then click Place Order.

A confirmation email will ‘ve sent to you after your order has been processed. Groupon will send your gift to the recipients via email with instructions on how yo use the gift card.

Redeem your Groupon Gift Card

To redeem your Groupon gift card or promotional codes, sign in to your Groupon account or create a new Groupon account if you don’t have any, follow the steps below to redeem your Groupon gift card.

  • Visit Groupon site.
  • Click my stuff.
  • Select my gift.
  • Click Redeem a gift card.
  • Enter the gift card code found at the back of your Groupon gift card.

When you redeem your Groupon gift card, you must use the gift card balance to purchase different products and merchandise on

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