Asda Gift Card | Buy Asda Gift Cards | How To Check Asda Gift Card Balance

Asda Gift Card – Asda is part of the Wal-Mart family and one of the top leading Britain supermarket that offers a wide range of home appliances, books, electronics, clothing, toys, groceries, and more. Asda offers a gift card for easy purchase of items at Asda stores.

This gift card cannot be used online or exchanged for an evoucher but it is specifically for use at any Asda store. The Asda gift card site is managed by SVM global. Asda gift cards cannot be used to purchase lottery tickets, gift cards, or use at a petrol station.

It is advisable to register your Asda gift cards on Asda cards site to protect your card balance in case the card is lost, stolen, or damaged.

asda gift card

Register Asda Gift Cards on Asda Card Site

Follow the steps below to register your Asda gift cards on Asda card site. If you’ve already registered your Asda card, login with your details but if you’ve not simply create a new Asda account.

  • Visit
  • Click register gift card
  • Enter your name
  • Enter your email
  • Choose a unique password
  • Confirm your password to ensure its correct
  • Enter either a telephone number or a mobile number
  • Enter your address, city, country, and postcode.
  • Click register.

Once you’ve registered your Asda card, you Will be able to view all the details of your Asda gift card by clicking on “manage account” in the Asda page.

How To Buy Asda Gift Cards

Think of a gift card, think Asda gift cards. Asda gift cards can only be purchased at Asda participating stores, follow the instructions to buy Asda gift card;

  • Visit any of Asda participating stores website
  • Select the Asda card you like to buy
  • Choose a value for the gift card
  • Add your name and email
  • Write an optional message
  • Choose a delivery date
  • Click add to basket

When you purchase Asda gift cards, you may like to spend the whole card amount on a single transaction or you may want to save up the Asda gift card balance  for future purpose. Any unused balance will be saved in the gift card until you wish to spend it.

Note: You cannot use Asda gift cards to purchase another Asda gift card but you can use multiple gift cards for a single purchase on merchandise.

Spend Asda Gift Card

Your Asda gift cards can be spent in any of the Asda participating stores across the U.K. The stores includes; voucher express, Gift card centre, High street voucher, Zeek, and more.

How To Check Asda Gift Card Balance

There are two ways you can check Asda gift card balance;

  • Via Asda balance checker on Asda online.
  • Via Asda customer service desk in your local store.

You may also want to check your Asda gift card transaction.

Check Asda Gift Card Transaction

You can check your Asda gift card transaction if you have fully registers to and if you own Asda account. Go to the manage account section to view your gift card transaction.

How To Redeem Asda Gift Cards

You can redeem your Asda card in any Asda participating stores, simply;

  • Visit the Asda store.
  • Present the card number and pin sent to you via email rob the participating store checkout operator.

Note; you can also give the gift of Asda gift cards to a loved one, friend or enemy just visit any of Asda 600 stores across the U.K to give the gift of Asda gift card to a loved one.

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