Google Photo for web Let’s You Access Explore And Favorites

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Google Photo for web has got some quiet catchy new features. It’s time for you to have access and enjoy them .

However, these features have been on both device already (Android and iOS) but it’s new on the web.

With these features on the web, you’ll be able to find photos at ease just the same way that of your smartphones works.

Google Photo for web Let's you Access Explore and Favorites

The New Explore Tab On Google Photos For Web

Google Photo has got a new option called the “Explore” which could be found at the left sidebar. It’s the same as the Search feature found in the Google photo Android and iOS.

Once you click on Explore, a page showing some pictures of yours in a grid- view pop’s up.  The photos on your device are divided into two main part which are:

1. The Places.
2. The Things.

  ~ The place: pictures with specific places marked in them are under this category.

  ~ The Things: it’s basically real life objects that are found under this category.

Find Your Favorite Photos Easily On Google Photo For Web

The Google Photo has got a new feature added to it known as “Favorite“. This feature is visible in the library section on the left sidebar. This tends to group in all the pictures you’ve selected as your favorite (the once you tend to like more or value the moments the most) in the photo management service.

You could also fine the option in your mobile phone (the library section) though it’s been there longer than that of the Google photo web. With this new feature, it’ easier to access your favorite photos on the web other than your mobile device.

Access To The Redesigned Google Photos Interface

The company is taking their time in making those features (the “Favorite” and “Explore”) available and accessible on your Google photo for Web.

It shouldn’t be too long now so just make sure you keep an eye on it and you could also check back here to get the latest update so far on it and more.

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