Find out a lot You Never Knew About Gmail Hangout – Sign in or out of Hangouts

Gmail hangout is yet another feature of the Gmail service providers that enable users interact and communicate with other members on the platform. This platform allows members to interact with each other through text messages, voice or video chat and even meet in group chats. Gmail hangout is another social media platform that provides users opportunity to interact with new people and also keep in touch with old friends.

gmail hangout

Feature of Gmail Hangout

It is an integral part of Gmail app and also a standalone app for download available for both android and iOS devices. Google hangout replaced the Google talk app and performs quite similar functions with it. You can make video calls, send text messages and even use Google voice to make domestic calls from your home device. You can chat or video call contacts by simply clicking on the contact you wish to call or chat or you can type the contacts name to find them quickly.

The popularity of the app keeps growing because it can be used by Google account users in any device of their choice. This platform is already popular amongst users who mostly patronize google products; even companies use it to hold video calls with their clients or business associates.

How To Use Gmail Hangout / Google Hangouts

This is a very interesting platform with lots of features that make users feel at home with it is basically for interacting with other members in a fun way. If you have downloaded the app you can use log in to it by:

  • Opening the hangouts app
  • Select a Google account or enter your Google account details
  • Tap SIGN IN

Once you have gained access to your Google account, you just have to click on the hangout option on the account page. If you wish to chat with your contacts just click the new hangout option. A list of your contacts will appear, just choose which contact you wish to chat. You can chat with your contacts by simply choosing the contact you wish to chat with; if they are not on the platform you can invite them.

The search bar enables you to find contacts you wish to chat with by simply typing their email address, name or phone number. You can also create groups on the platform by clicking on the contacts you want to be part of the group, you can start a chat or even make group video call. You can make your chats even more fun by using emojis contained in the app to express yourself.

To begin a video call you can simply tap on a contact and tap the phone receiver icon on the screen to begin a video call. And don’t forget the messages are sent and received instantly, so the chat keeps flowing as long as you have internet connection. You can share photos on the platform, block users you don’t wish to chat with and you can easily convert a text chat into a video chat by clicking the camera icon on the chat page.

How To Start Hangout On Gmail

  • Open hangouts on your Gmail app
  • Click the on the HANGOUT icon
  • Then click on the + button from the hangouts section
  • Type an email address in the search bar to choose a user to chat with
  • At the lower right corner of the page, you will see a chat box, click on it to send messages.
  • You can also click on the X icon to close a chat.

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