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Free Facebook Avatar Creator – The free Facebook avatar is designed to spice up Facebook, and likely a bid to attract younger users back to the app. Personal avatar emoji’s are widely used on social media websites. People like using special avatars which really represent themselves.

“The free Facebook Avatars feature lets you customize your own personal avatar for use in stickers across comments and Messenger,” Facebook explained.

Facebooks free Avatar creator now lets you create and customize a cartoon version of yourself to use on the social network and other messaging services.

Free Facebook Avatar Creator | Facebook Emoji Maker

“It lets people create a new persona, allowing them to share across Facebook and Messenger in a more personal, light-hearted way”. The process of creating your own Facebook Avatar is only simple when the feature is available to you. You’ll see a different smiley face icon in your news feed comment section or the messenger sticker icon, simply click on it and you’ll be taken to a new creation tab where you can easily create your own Facebook Avatar.

Facebook Introduces the Free Avatar Creator

The free Facebook Avatar creator has been in development for sometime, and now, Facebook is launching its own variation of Bitmoji – called Facebook Avatars – which will provide users with an alternate, cartoonish identity, for use in a range of stickers and tools that can be applied across both Facebook and Messenger.

Free Facebook Avatar creator has been launched in Australia 2018 for use in Messenger and News Feed comments before coming to the rest of the world in late 2019 or early 2020.

The feature could make Facebook feel more fun, youthful, and visually communicative at a time when the 15-year-old social network increasingly seems drab and uncool. Avatars aren’t quite as cute or hip to modern slang as Bitmoji. But they could still become a popular way to add some flare to replies without resorting to cookie-cutter emoticons or cliche GIFs.

There’s been a ton of work put into this from the product and design perspective to find out, with how many people on Facebook, how to make this as representative as possible” says Facebook Avatars communication manager Jimmy Raimo.

From offering religious clothing to a rainbow of skin colors and hairstyles, Facebook didn’t want any demographic left out. “They’re a bit more realistic so they can be your personal avatar vs trying to make them cute, funny, and cartoony” Raimo explains.

Facebook Expands it’s Free Avatar Creator

Facebook is also considering expanding Avatars for use as profile pics or in Groups — two areas of the app where you interact with strangers and you might enjoy the anonymity of a 2D drawing instead of a photo of your face.

However, Facebook hasn’t deeply considered turning Avatars into a platform so you could use them in other apps through an API or keyboard you install on your phone. Facebook is also working on totally realistic and creepy-free avatars for VR, but the two functions are totally separate.

Facebook Free Avatar Creator looks Much like Bitmoji Characters

As you can see, the new avatars look very much like Bitmoji characters and Facebook is not shying away from it.

To many Facebook users, it may seem like Facebook missed the boat, that they should have launched a Bitmoji clone years ago, when the app was at its peak, there’s still plenty of opportunity there – Facebook can still popularize the tool in many regions, and eventually, monetize the same through digital clothing additions and the like.

Make use of the free Facebook Avatar creator

Facebook Avatars are currently taking over the social media app, with many users making their own Avatar and sharing their creation with friends. Some users may be confused as to how to use the free Facebook Avatar creator, but luckily the process is pretty simple and painless if one knows where to look.

Follow the simple guidelines to use the free Facebook Avatar creator;

  • Open the Facebook app, if you already have one in your mobile device.
  • Tap the three horizontal dots.
  • Scroll down and tap see more.
  • Click on Avatar’s.
  • Tap next.
  • Then touch the get started button.
  • Choose a skin tone that best fit your skin.
  • Tap next.
  • Behind customize your Avatar to hour liking; hair color, face shape, makeup, eyebrows, body shape, outfit, and so on.
  • Tap the check mark in the top of the screen.
  • Tap next, when the screen stops loading.
  • Click done.

If you wish to see the Avatar you’ve created, tap on the arrow sign in the top right corner of your screen to share the customized Avatar emoji to your Facebook newsfeed, comment section, or Facebook messenger app.

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