Facebook Zoosk: Online Dating Site & App to Find Your Perfect Match

Facebook Zoosk– In need of an easy dating app? Stress less on that and Search less because the Facebook Zoosk has got you covered. You’ll just need to connect your Facebook or Google account before searching for love.

Features of the Facebook Zoosk

  It’s amazing features are:

Facebook Zoosk
  • It doesn’t take time when signing up
  • There’s provision that’s been made for basic interface that’s easy to navigate.
  • It’s got an effective search tool.

Facebook Zoosk

This app cloud be used on your smartphones (be it Android or iOS) and also via browser. You get to choose between Google and Facebook, which you’ll sign into in other to get access to the Facebook Zoosk (this offer isn’t offered in most dating apps).

Once you’ve giving Zoosk some necessary details like the kind of person you’re looking for, your age, a profile picture, a short self-assessment you’ll fill that includes your education, ethnicity, body type, parental status and all important smoker status question.

Other apps i.e. eharmony, OkCuip, need a lot more wider profile building process to make sure all the details and more will be needed. Just enough to tell enough about yourself which eases the matching process. While on Facebook Zoosk, you have the ability to browse at ease after giving brief details about yourself.

You’ll need to add more profile information and confirm your email from time to time ( it’s more like a requirement of Zoosk). Once there’s a confirmation, you’ll be able to select a display name and add a profession, income martial status and more.

The Search Function of Zoosk is prompt and simple. You could literally skip the whole swiping left or any other way to get rid of profiles you might not find interesting and all. Just swipe past them one by one then you could swipe down to check out a new profile. When you get a potential match, swipe right to see the image and the profile info, then scrolling back up is permitted if you feel you missed out someone you might like or possibly admire.

If you want the Tinder like experience, Facebook Zoosk gives a separate Carousel search function which allows users tap a red X or a green checkmark to show your feelings on they member. The only difference would be that unlike Tinder, Facebook Zoosk doesn’t allow you get so deep into a users profile.

Facebook Zoosk Interface and Profile

The Zoosk’s interface is basic which means you’ll swipe though profile photos and check out the basic personality details needed for the sign-up process.

To show that you’re actually Interested in a person, you could either tap a smiley face which signifies friendship while the heart icon signifies more than friendship. You can get to verify your profile through Twitter, photo or your phone number. You’ll see a green stamp checkmark on your profile signifying that you’re legit.

You’ll get sent an email each day suggesting a person whom the service feels like you match with based on your preference that takes some of the work out of searching.

There’s an algorithm referred to as “Behavioral Matchmaking” that claims to know more about what you need in a match.  

Now it’s up to you to check out Facebook Zoosk app and find love, enjoy it’s features and discover a lot more.

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