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The news about Facebook to launch virtual dating has been going viral since mid-April. Facebook announced that they will soon allow users to go on virtual dates, don’t be confused about the keyword “virtual date”.

This writes up will give you a detailed explanation of Facebook virtual dating service,  how it works, and how it can help relationships this pandemic period.

With the Facebook dating feature, singles can easily find a date. Imagine having a social media where you can date in a real-world form. Facebook dating is top-notch when it comes to online dating.

Facebook To Launch Virtual Dating | New Facebook Dating Feature

What Is Facebook Virtual Dating?

Facebook virtual dating is a new video calling feature that allows Facebook dating app users to connect and interact with each other via video call over the Facebook messenger app. Sounds interesting…

Facebook Virtual Dating -A Real World Dating

We all know that a lot of relationships has broken or are about to due to the covid19 pandemic that has strike the whole world. The pandemic has forced many people worldwide to stay at home and practice social distancing.

For this reason, Facebook had decided to launch it’s virtual dating service to help safe other relationships from cutting ties. Virtual dating offers singles a safer option to explore potential connections with their matches. We believe the launch of the Facebook virtual dating is still in progress and would get to all users soon.

Facebook Virtual Dating | How It Works

Since the pandemic is stopping everyone from meeting, the launch of the virtual dating service will be a better alternative for singles who are ready to date. When the new Facebook dating feature goes live, all Facebook dating app users would be able to invite a match to a virtual date.

The other party can choose to either accept or decline the invitation from the pop up message that appears on their screen. But if the other party accepts the date, the both parties would be connected in a video chat via Facebook messenger.

This feature would help you find potential dates, know them, and see how they really look in a real world sense.

Download Facebook Dating App

The Facebook dating app is a feature that was designed and released in 2018, here’s how to download one if you don’t have;

  • Go to your device app store or playstore.
  • Search for Facebook using the search bar.
  • Click on the install or update button.

Wait for some minutes that Facebook dating app will be automatically downloaded and installed to your smartphone or PC device. You’ll only get the dating feature when your Facebook app is up to date and 18years and above.

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