Best Song Identifier Apps For Android Music Recognition

Best Song Identifier Apps For Android Music Recognition – If you have ever heard a song that you like and you have been wanting to know its name, you will appreciate the existence of applications to recognize songs. 

With them, the app listens to the song and after a few seconds, if it can recognize it, you have the name of the song and its author.

You can turn your mobile into a true song hunter with these eight apps to recognize songs.

Best Song Identifier Apps For Android Music Recognition


We started the list with the most popular song identifier app, Shazam. The application was bought by Apple a few years ago, but fortunately its version for Android continues and, without publicity.

Shazam has been in the business of music recognition for so many years that it includes some interesting additional features. For instance, the Auto Shazam mode listens to all the music until you stop it, and it also has a floating button to identify songs faster.

Let see a List of Best Song Identifier Apps For Android Music Recognition

Best Song Identifier Apps For Android Music Recognition


SoundHound is another song recognition heavyweight. It works in a similar way to Shazam, with the advantage that it is also prepared for you to hum the song you are looking for (although the results will depend a lot on your skills to hum with precision).

In SoundHound you can not only capture songs, but also play them later with the help of YouTube or Spotify. Sometimes, you can also get the lyrics of the song you were listening to.


Deezer is a music streaming service that competes with Spotify, although it has something that, at the moment, is not present in Spotify: song recognition. Here it receives the proper name of Song Catcher, although in Spanish it is named simply with What song is this?

The operation is quite simple: you play in which song this is and after a few seconds you will have the result. Interestingly, from the results you cannot play the song, although you can add it to favorites or a playlist.

Google assistant

If you don’t feel like installing any app for this task, Google Assistant will come in handy. If you touch the microphone button in the assistant and the application detects that there is background music, you will be offered the possibility to choose What song is this?

Once this is done, the Google Assistant will listen for a while until, if you’re lucky, it recognizes the song. It will then show you the result with information about the song and the singer, as well as related links to listen to the song on YouTube, Spotify and the like.


MusicID, not to be confused with Sony’s TrackID, rest in peace, is a simpler app for identifying music. It works relatively well, and after recognizing a song you will have some additional information and the ability to purchase the song on Amazon.

MusicID includes some social functions, recommending songs similar to the ones you have searched up to then, and saves in your profile the list of all the songs you have searched in the past.


Genius is an app that focuses more on the lyrics of the songs, although it also has musical recognition thanks to ACRCloud. The recognition in itself is correct and has the advantage that, almost always, it will come hand in hand with the lyrics of the song.

Genius song recognition focuses on finding the lyrics of the song, although the play button is included with which you can listen to the song in a small floating window. The list of songs that you have searched until then is not clearly saved.


This another app that focuses on the lyrics of the songs, although it doubles as a music player. Or triple, as it also helps you to identify songs from the Identify tab.

The identification of songs does not beat around the bush, with a button to identify and the result that will be displayed either as a text without more or with the lyrics – possibly synchronized to karaoke – of those songs that have in their files.

Music identifier

Music identifier -also known as BeatFind in English- is another simple application to recognize songs that uses ACRCloud technology. It is ideal if you are looking for an app that only identifies songs and nothing else.

The recognition process does not take more than a few seconds and then you will see the title, the author and a button to listen to the song on Spotify. You can check the songs that you have identified before from their history.

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