How Facebook Tag Works & How to Tag in Facebook Post

Facebook tag, is when a user creates a link to someone’s profile. When a user tags someone on Facebook, the post the person is tagged to may also be added to that person’s timeline.

In case the person you tagged, has their privacy settings, set to public, your post will pop up on their own personal profile, and on the news feed of their friends. In other cases, the link may have to be approved by your friend, for it to appear to their friends.

A tag can be done on a photo, to show who is in the photo, or a status update made, to say who you are with. If a friend is tagged in your status update, when anyone sees that update, they can tap on your friend’s name, and navigate to their profile. This your status update, may also show up on that friend’s timeline.

Once you tag someone, they’ll get a notification, and if you or a friend, tag anyone in your post, the post could be made visible to the audience, you choose, including the friends of the person tagged.

Facebook Tag

Note, that tags in photos, and posts from people you are not friends with, may pop up in your timeline review, where you will have to decide if you wish to allow them on your timeline. You can also review Tags by anyone, if you so desire, including your friends.

How Facebook Tag Works 

If you desire to tag someone in a Facebook post, follow the following steps to get it done.

  • Scroll to the “Create a Post” section, located at the top of your news feed, or the “Status” section, at the top of your personal profile
  • Tap in the box, and type the @ icon, thereafter, type in the person’s name
  • Once you type in the person’s name, a drop-down box pops up, bearing your friend’s names that are similar to each other.
  • Pick the person you wish to link in your post, from the drop-down menu.
  • The “Tag Friends” tab, which pops up when you tab in the status field and choose your friends.
  • Keep on writing the rest of your post as you usually would.
  • Once the post has been added to your page, you and other persons, who see it, can tap on it, and proceed to another person’s profile, if it is permitted by the tagged person’s privacy permission.

Facebook tag, brings you closer to your friends and tells your story of where and who you are with.

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