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Facebook Single dating sites or Singles dating Sites are specifically for dating Just as the name actually implies. The Facebook singles dating site is particularly for dating Especially the young folks who are looking forward to experimentation.

Most of the Facebook singles dating sites are not a place to gain serious affair. But however, the statement is not total, as sometimes someone might be so surprised to find a long-lasting relationship from these Facebook singles dating sites. But the buck of them is just socials on a temporal basis.

Facebook Singles Dating Site

When you hear Facebook singles dating sites Singles Dating Site on facebook , it’s not for kids. Neither is it for only young adults. It’s also for the matured adults.

But the thing is, as a matured adult, you need to navigate through these sites in other to find the one that actually sooths your preference, and not to make you feel like a waste of time at the end of the experience.

Nevertheless, there are as well Facebook singles dating sites for mature adults, where you can navigate and find a good relationship to build on.

Below Are A Lists Of Few Facebook Singles Dating Sites;

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  2. Facebook singles public group
  3. USA singles
  4. Meet singles free
  5. Dating sites on FB
  6. Singles women online dating
  7. Free online dating sites
  8. The single women
  9. How to meet singles on Facebook
  10. Top dating site for you
  11. Local free dating sites

Above are dating sites you can pick on and join the singles dating group. But however, the fact should be spelled out for the sake of your safety.  Sometimes, online relationships including that of Facebook is not always cozy.

A research conducted about the negative outcome of some online relationship Is below thus.

Now The Risk Of Online Dating / Facebook Online Dating

This research was on emerging markets in India, Indonesia, Philippines, Kenya, Vietnam, Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Mexico.

This online dating industry is calculated to be in worth of $2billion globally, according to figures from IBISWorld.

The online dating fraud costs victims £24.5million per year. According to the figures from Get Safe Online and National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB).

More than 2,800 people in the UK have reported dating related crimes to the police in 2013 and one victim lost £850,000.

The average amount lost through fraud was £8,750 per person.

So more than half, which is 55 percent of all reported crimes committed came from 40-59- year olds and about 63percent of them were committed by females.

Nearly a fifth of reported victims parted with up to £10,000 or more, with 49 people reporting to have lost more than £100,000.

On this fraud issue, the top five countries where fraudsters come from include England, then by the U.S, Nigeria follows, then Ghana and Russia.

Jana discovered that in emerging markets, dating sites including Badoo and match, compete with regional sites such as India’s Peekawoo and shaadi which are in the Philippines. 

So also be precocious when sourcing for online dating in general.

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