Facebook Offers Tools | How to create a Facebook offer

Facebook offers are discounts you can share with your customers in order to encourage potential buyers shop on your website or store, (you choose whether people can redeem your offer online,  in-store or both).

People can like,  save or comment on your offer and Facebook automatically reminds anyone who saves an offer from your page that pops up on their news feed before the date expires so that they don’t forget to use it. 

Facebook Offers

Facebook offers is an attractive way to bring back current customers and attract new ones to shop on your business platform.  As an Admin of a Facebook page, you can create an offer ad,  create coupons and discounts directly from your Facebook business page.

How Does Facebook Offers Work?

It works in a very simple way.  People who are interested in claiming in-store offers receive a barcode or QR code that can be retrieved on their mobile phone at the till. 

People who are interested in claiming online offers also receive a discount code and are sent to your website to shop.  They can use the offer code when checking out to redeem the value.

How to Create a Facebook Offer

Facebook offers encourage customer purchase, the following are steps to follow to create a Facebook weather

1. The first thing to do is GI to Ads manager on your Facebook.  Click “get people to claim your offer” on the campaign section.

2. Create/choose a Facebook fan page and create an offer. Fill in the required fields, provide a URL to your offer

How to Get People to Claim Your Offer

There are certain key details you need to include in your feed or post on offers that will enable people learn about how to redeem your offer.

1. Offer description and photo of your products.  Create and post eye catching pi tires with high quality imagery to attract the attention of potential buyers.  Facebook is a predominately visual medium so therefore the better, finer and catchy your pictures, the higher the interest rate.

2. Include timeframe.  The duration of time through which the offer will last should be clearly indicated so that your customers are able to catch in on the offer before it expires.

3. Offer promo code and terms.  If you have terms and condition or a coupon code, you are free to include this information for your customers.  It is most advisable to do this because it serves as a mini contract to which they choose to either agree to or reject and thus saves you from any form of legal issues.

Types of Facebook offers

Online offers

The online offer is a ready to go basis. After people click on your offer and choose the option “shop online” will be sent directly to your website to use the offer, or they can save it to use later.  Saved offers are automatically placed in peoples Facebook offers bookmarks so that they can find and redeem them later.

In-store offers

In-store offers are used when people see your offer, they have the option to save it for when they are ready to visit your physical store. People can thus bring their phone to your store and they too will be reminded about your offer before it expires. 

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