Facebook Marketplace Houston | Free Market Place on Facebook | Buy and Sell on Houston Marketplace 2020

Facebook marketplace Houston is specifically for Facebook users in and around the location of Houston to buy and sell different categories of items or their products. Facebook marketplace is a very user-friendly page that allows the buying and selling and advertisement of several products and items.

Only Facebook users can access Facebook marketplace after Facebook login, the Facebook marketplace is not an entire platform on its own. It is like every other page on Facebook but it has some uniqueness and it is only for marketing. Facebook marketplace place can only be used by ages 18 years old and above Facebook users.

Facebook Marketplace Houston

The Facebook marketplace like every other e-commerce website consists of buyers and sellers, Facebook itself is not a seller of any of the product you see on the marketplace.

To buy or sell from Facebook marketplace Houston your device GPS should be activated so as to help you locate other buyers and sellers close to you.

When making payment or conversing with a buyer or seller you don’t need to go out of Facebook, you can use the Facebook pay app to make payments and chat with the Facebook messenger app.

Facebook Marketplace Houston | How To Buy On Facebook Marketplace

To buy on Facebook marketplace Houston the only requirement is an active Facebook account with the user age 18 years old and above, accessing Facebook marketplace is free but like every marketing system, you will pay for any goods you are buying. You can buy on Facebook marketplace by

  1. Activate your data connection.
  2. From your web browser open Facebook web or launch your Facebook app.
  3. Login to your Facebook account (if you are not logged in).
  4. Tap on the marketplace icon to launch marketplace.
  5. Search for the item you want to buy by using the search bar or navigating through the displayed items on the marketplace homepage.
  6. Tap on the item

You can chat with the seller of the item by tapping on ask for details in the items product page. When chatting with the seller exercise patient as sellers tend to reply late due to the fact that a lot of people are texting them at the same time.

Facebook Marketplace Houston | How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace

Selling on Facebook marketplace Houston requires more effort and time than buying on Facebook marketplace, with the following steps you will know how to sell on Facebook marketplace

  1. Activate your internet connection
  2. Go to Facebook web or launch the Facebook app and log in to your Facebook account
  3. Open the marketplace by tapping on the marketplace option
  4. Click on selling then on what are you listing
  5. Name your item with a price, put your item in a category and state your location
  6. Add a photo and a well-detailed description
  7. Post your item

The description should not be unnecessarily long but well detailed, stating the current condition of the item, more than photo can be added to the item, provided all the photos are for the item.

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