Facebook Makes It Easier To Find Covid19 Vaccine

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A post on the About the Facebook blog, stating that its goal is to bind people with relevant information about the Covid-19 vaccines. More and more Americans are becoming eligible to receive the Covid19 vaccine.

When you become eligible for the covid19, you will get a notification pop up at the top of your newsfeed, letting you know where you can receive the covid19 vaccine from. You can also tap on find vaccine to use Facebook handy vaccine finder tool.

Facebook Makes It Easier To Find Covid19 Vaccine

This will show you the nearest locations where you can get vaccinated. This notification is also available in 20 different countries and Facebook has plans on extending this feature to other countries too.

Facebook Continues Its Covid19 Vaccine Campaign

Facebook has been tough on misinformation on the covid19 vaccines and has been ensuring to increase awareness and education about the Covid19 shot. As vaccines become readily available in your arena don’t be amazed if the social media platform will be the first to let you know if you are eligible to get one.

To make the information gathering process less stressful Facebook has launched a notification that will give more info about the Covid19 vaccine.

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