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Facebook Live Broadcasting –  Facebook Live is a feature of Facebook that allows users broadcast live videos using their device’s camera. Launched in April 2016, Facebook Live broadcasting allows Facebook users to create live videos on Facebook whereby they could choose their audiences and engage them based on whatever activity the live video is about.

Facebook Live Broadcasting

  This is a great opportunity for business accounts, pages, celebrities or accounts looking to gain fame and popularity on Facebook, it’s almost like you are passing information to quite an amount of people simultaneously and since its live, it means you can reply to all comments immediately too.

Tips On How To Broadcast Live On Facebook | Facebook Page Live

  • Log in to Facebook, tap on the Camera icon to the left of your search bar, close to the “What’s on your Mind” box and select “Go Live”.
  • Give Facebook access to your device camera and microphone.
  • Don’t forget to switch to “Live” when the camera comes on.
  • Also, choose your privacy settings, for starters, I’d advise that you set it as “only me” meaning only you would view the Live broadcast just to test yourself out before going public. You could set it to Public, Friends Only or as a Regular Post.
  •  Give an attractive, hard to look past description about your live broadcast. Don’t make it too long or too short as this will be what Facebook users would view on their newsfeed before visiting your live broadcast. You could also tag people on Facebook, add a location and so on, just something that talks about the broadcast.
  •   Edit and style your camera. Before you start live broadcasting, make sure you’ve set your camera in the way you want. You might also decide to add filters, colour or smileys to the video by tapping on the magic wand left of the “Start Live Video” button.
  • Start your live broadcast, be interesting, cool and be interactive with your viewers. There will be comments popping up on your live video from viewers, you could choose to directly reply them via the live video or better still get someone to do that from another device.
  • Be engaging and creative with your broadcast, that’s the goal, do this well and viewers might decide to like or share your videos on their own. You could also try subtitles.
  • Click finish to end the broadcast: make sure you end as well as you started, you could end by telling viewers to subscribe to your Live video and they might not because it depends on just how good you were. So, here is my tip, end with greetings, a little bit of drama (something to create lovely tension among viewers) and inform them when next you will be streaming live.
  • You should also save the videos, whereby you can post it to your Facebook status or Facebook story. Although the video will be on your timeline where you can edit it at any time.  

     Do not bombard your timeline with live broadcast, space them out, make sure to introduce yourself on every broadcast and keep it real, Good Luck.

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