How To Find Facebook Users Near Your Location With Facebook Discover People

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Facebook Discover People – Facebook is a platform for interacting with people, rekindling old relationships and discovering new acquaintances. Facebook “discover people” is a feature that fosters users to make new friends on the platform. iOS and Android users only has this feature.

Facebook Discover People

Benefits Of Facebook Discover People

  1.  It connects you to people you have something in common with.
  2. Facebook Discover people enables users to introduce themselves by updating their profiles, check through a list of upcoming events that help them know those in attendance. It also enables them to browse through a list of people in their locality and those with whom they may share the same employer.
  3.  This feature also facilitates business connections such as business networking
  4. It is very useful for dating purposes depending on the user’s needs.

How Do I Find “Discovering People”

  1. Discover people is found in the navigation section below friends, events, groups e.t.c
  2. Tap into the new section, the header at the top ask you to introduce yourself. Facebook guides you through updating the various sections through your current profile.
  3. A list of upcoming events that you registered your interest in, or have been invited to pops up. When you tap into one of these events, you will be presented with profiles of people who will be in attendance
  4. At the bottom of the screen, you can browse through people living in hour town or people who you share the same employer.

Note that these sections will not show people who you are friends with. It will rather show the profile of people you do not know because discover people is designed to facilitate new connections. Also to protect your privacy, Facebook only reveals the information users set as public in their profile.

Now you know about the Facebook discover feature prepare to have new friend and expand your connection.

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