Facebook Decides to Start Applying Labels to Pages in other to Avoid Confusion

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Facebook Decides to Start Applying Labels to Pages in other to Avoid Confusion – The fact that Facebook decided to start labeling it’s pages to prevent confusion is really thoughtful and amazing.  It’ll totally avoid the confusion regarding stories from ironic sources.

With time, Facebook’s latest update of adding new labels bit by bit to some particular pages giving users more convenience and better understanding of them. These labels will help Facebook uses differentiate between real political content, fan Pages and sardonic.

Facebook Decides to Start Applying Labels to Pages in other to Avoid Confusion

Facebook Wants to Prevent Confusion Over Satire

The Facebook tweet regarding the informative label stated that “Starting today in US, we’re testing a way to people more context on the Pages they see. We’ll soon start applying labels including “public official’’ “fan page” or “satire page” to post in News Feed, so people can better understand who they’re coming from”.

The screenshot Facebook included in it’s tweet, the label “Satire Page” is displayed alongside a the definition and why the page is labeled as such.  This is because Facebook noticed that posted from the Satire Pages can be relatively displayed as that of the Public figures or conventional news sources. The label ought’s to put an end to that kind of confusion.

Facebook’s aim is basically to prevent users from assuming that satirical news/stories are real. Sites like Babylon Bee and the Onion are well known for this kind of hilariously absurd stories on latest events and most users tend to believe them.

The rate at which sarcastic stories stand as a source of misinformation is really bad.  Facebook having a lot of false information about the Covid-19 Vaccine popping up here and there coupled with the satirical news, stands as a heartbreaking combo leaving the platform constantly criticized for not doing enough to tackle fake news. That’s why theses labels are meant to patch up another potential catalyst for misinformation.

Do Users Really Need Help Recognizing Satire?

For the fact that The Babylon Bee and the Onion sites is known by most users, makes it possible for them to know a Satire story without needing a label. Whenever users get info from sites like that and share, other users tend to leave comments to inform the person that shared that information that it isn’t real or could possibly be meant as a joke.

If eventually a satirical story is believed, then the writer did a pretty good job making the story seem so realistic but on the other hand, it’s outrageous.

The labels that are gradually been rolled out by Facebook won’t appear on your News Feed just yet. There’s still no word on if there’ll be more than three labels or if they’re coming outside the US. Let’s anticipate this latest feature and hope there’ll be more than just three labels. Stay Safe

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